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On Friday morning, 28 December, off-duty soldiers Cpl. Ahikam Amihai and Sgt. David Rubin were hiking in wadi Telem with a female companion when four Palestinian terrorists opened fire on them from a jeep. Amihai and Rubin, who both served in elite commando units, were carrying their firearms and were able to return fire, killing one of the Palestinian gunmen and seriously wounding another before succumbing to their injuries. Their companion managed to hide and was uninjured, and phoned for help.

As it turns out both of their murderer we members of Fatah.

According to details of the attack released Tuesday, the gunmen – Ali Dandis, 24, and Amar Taha, 26, both residents of Hebron – surrendered on the day of the attack to the Palestinian security forces in Hebron out of fear that they would be caught by the IDF. They also handed over the soldiers’ weapons. Dandis, a Fatah operative, worked as a clerk at the Sharia courts in the city, and Taha was a member of the PA National Security Force.

Of Course Abbas is a legitimate peace partner. That’s why so many recent terror attacks come from Fatah, many from his own police force.

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Security officials noted that Friday’s attack was not the first time Palestinian policemen had been involved in terror attacks. Last month, Ido Zoldan was gunned down in the West Bank by Palestinian terrorists who turned out to be members of the PA security forces.

If you believe that Abbas wants peace, you must also believe that one day there will be a Richard Simmons Jr source:Killers were from Fatah, one was Palestinian police’

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