How did he get out again? He should have been sitting in a padded room wearing one of those nice trench coats with the long sleeves that tie into a knot around the back. But somehow the slug from the Nation of Islam, one of the biggest purveyors of hateful venom in the world Louis Farrakhan, must have escaped again.

The Muslim leader who was recently quoted as saying America will be bathed in blood, and told Al-Jazeera that 9/11 was planned by the US because “America was looking for a New Pearl Harbor.”

On June 15th Farrakhan joined such “luminaries” as Ramsey Clark and the always-crazy former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney in a press conference near the UN to speak out against the US action in Libya. No, Farrakhan is not suddenly concerned with the constitution and/or the war powers act, his concern was that no one knows Moammar Gadhafi like he does and the Libyan tyrant is a real nice guy (he didn’t mention it but I bet Gadhafi calls him mom every day).

Farrakhan gave a speech that lasted more than an hour, praising Libya and bashing the West.

He began by saying that NATO is using the Security Council as a pretext to assassinate his good buddy “Brother” Moammar Gadhafi and promote regime change in Libya. He says the UN fostered the revolt and created a Civil War in Libya as if Gadhafi’s tyrannical rule had nothing to do with it, nor did the fact that he was shooting his own people have anything to do with why NATO went into Libya.
The loony leader predicts that this action will destroy both the UN and the Nations involved.
United Nations and its 15-member Security Council, who he referred to as “the terror council,” have no legitimate right to exist for passing the resolution that has allowed NATO to take military action in Libya. He claims  the reason why the action was taken was to Punish “Brother Leader Gadhafi” for nationalizing Libyan Oil forty years ago.
“What has Moammar Gadhafi done to deserve what this united coalition of demons is putting on him?” Farrakhan said to murmurs of approval from his supporters. “They say he has lost the moral right (to rule) because he has killed his own people. But you have never proved that charge. Check the record.”
Hey Crazy Louie…we saw it on TV, we saw it on the internet, maybe the asylum didn’t give you video privileges those days.
Farrakhan went to spew a list of everything done by the US, England, France and Italy that Crazy Louie considered bad, including trying to oust those other “nice guy” tyrants Castro in Cuba and Papa Doc in Haiti.

Farakhan went on to compare life in Libya today to the West saving the harshest criticism for his home country, the United States. Apparently according to Farrakhan, Libya has no poverty,or homelessness. But as for America, “Your Record America Stinks In The Eyes of God”

What is hard to understand is that if Libya is perfect and the US is so awful, why doesn’t crazy Louie move to Libya and help out “Brother” Moammar Gadhafi.
Outside of the progressive community,  Farrakhan’s attempt to prove the US is worse than Gadhafi falls on deaf ears. The reason for the progressive support of Gadhafi is he is an ideal for”successful” progressive leadership.
The Libyan government eliminated all private property rights and most private businesses in 1978. The renting of property was declared illegal, and ownership of property was limited to a single dwelling per family, with all other properties being redistributed. The judiciary is not independent, the private practice of law is illegal, and all lawyers must be members of the Secretariat of Justice. There is little land ownership, and the government has the power to renationalize any property that has been privatized.
Corruption is perceived as widespread. Libya ranks 130th out of 180 countries in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index for 2009. Government integrity is undermined by favoritism based on personal and family connections. The Gadhafi clan exercises near-total control of major government decisions.
Unemployment and underemployment are chronically high. The labor market is tightly regulated and subject to government directives. Labor law specifies minimum wage rates, the number of work hours, night shift rules, and dismissal regulations.
It looks as if Crazy Louie needs to do a bit more investigation of life in Libya and a lot less hatred of his own country.  He continues to forget is that if he made the same speech in Tripoli, but condemned Libya instead of the US and the West, it would be the last speech he would ever make.

If you have the stomach for the entire hour and a half presentation it is embedded below: