Guest Post by Joe Messina

Will this ever end? This is like the march of the spoiled brats. They lost! In the immortal (God I hope not!) words of Mr. Obama, “I won. Get over it.” The Left was all excited when he won again in 2012, even though they had precincts that reported over 108% of the registered voters. Even though they had people voting in Virginia who were over 150 years old. Even though they had proven cases of people voting in areas they didn’t live and way too many more to list here. No problem. Not a peep from the Left. In fact, they actually ridiculed anyone who even questioned these issues.

Now, after this election, they haven’t found anything NOT to complain about. Even though almost ALL the voter fraud in this election was in favor of the Dems, they are complaining that the Russians influenced the election outcome in favor of Mr. Trump. Not really by tampering with voting machines as the Dems have done in the past, not by over votes in precincts like the Dems have allowed in the past, not even by helping dead people vote.

No. The big uproar is about a “Secret” CIA assessment (not so secret I guess) over Russian operatives. Hmmm, what’s an operative? They hacked the DNC servers and stole all kinds of money? Nope that wasn’t it. They changed a whole bunch of registrations? Nope. That’s not it either! OH WAIT…

The CIA and Democrats are claiming the Russians hacked the DNC servers to give information to WikiLeaks to embarrass Hillary Clinton and the Democrats as a whole. If that’s true, the Russians are being accused of taking emails from an unsecured server (sound familiar) and giving them to a media outlet that would show the American people what the Democrat Party actually thinks about them, therefore allowing them to make an informed decision to vote against the hypocrisy of the DNC and Progressive Left!

So, revealing evil and telling the truth is now a bad thing?

The Washington Post reported that the Russians, along with tipping the scale of the election, also undermined the electoral system in this country (funny choice of wording “electoral”).

In this “secret” CIA document (maybe these CIA guys are not so good at this secret thing) they claim that 17 intelligence agencies didn’t do anything with this information because there were so many questions that couldn’t be answered.

The most obvious is no communication anywhere about the Kremlin directing any part of the operation. Though in the past Moscow has used “contractors” instead of government employees there is still no communication in any format showing the Kremlin wanted the Democrats embarrassed and not the Republicans.

The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, has said the Russians were not the source AND there have been reports that CIA, FBI and other Washington “operatives” gave the information to WikiLeaks because they were tired of the hypocrisy from the Democrat Party.

Seven Democrats asked Mr. Obama to declassify details about the “Cyber Break In” and why they feel the Kremlin was involved. I would hope seven Republican Senators would step up and ask that Mr. Obama’s involvement in all of this is also reported and maybe even get his school transcripts declassified while they’re at it. Just a thought.

Do you believe that the Democrats would be as upset IF this was aimed at Trump and the Republicans?

Do you really believe that the “Russian Hack affair” led to the Republicans keeping the House, gaining the Senate, getting control of 35 Governorships, 33 FULL legislative houses and 39 branches of the government in those states? Republicans won the working class people. People the Democrats have taken for granted. They saw movement in the Hispanic and Black communities. I can go on and on.

The Dems refuse to face reality and keep relying on some form of Political LSD. They are hallucinating. Mrs. Pelosi says Americans don’t want a different direction, yet the numbers are already flipping to say we are now turning toward the right direction. Mrs. Clinton says it was fake news that helped her lose the election. Which story or stories would that be? Benghazi? Clinton Foundation corruption? Attacks on religious liberty? Communistic agenda of the Democrat Party? The rotten economy? I can keep going but there’s only so much room.

For some of you who don’t remember 1968 in Nixon vs. Humphrey, when LBJ and Humphrey started to see trouble they made a deal with 4 countries (behind the scenes) to make it appear like Humphry would be able to stop the unpopular Vietnam War. This was illegal. Citizens, and yes a candidate is a citizen, cannot make any agreements on foreign policy for the US. Not to be out done, Nixon jumped in and behind the scenes as well got South Vietnam to back out of the agreement stating publicly they would not be participating in any talks, making it look like it was a political move on Humphrey’s part. Nixon won.

In 1979 over 3000 Iranian students took over the US embassy in Iran and took 63 American hostages. This was big problem for the Carter Administration because for nearly a year they could not get the hostages released. Tehran wouldn’t budge. They wanted the Shah back and all his financial assets.

Ronald Reagan saw what was happening in Iran. Fearing they would be able to resolve it before the election and knowing that might help Carter, Republicans sent George H.W. Bush, Henry Kissinger and President Gerald Ford on a media tour screaming that Carter was using “foreign manipulation” in order to win an election. Though this might have been ineffective.

Inside word has it that the Ayatollah so despised Jimmy Carter for helping the Shah get out, save his assets, and order a bungled rescue attempt on Iranian soil that he purposefully waited for Ronald Regan to be sworn in to release the hostages. Some even say that Reagan’s campaign manager, who later became his CIA director, had the connection to make this all happen, though there has never been any strong evidence.

Lastly, it’s not all Republicans. Senator Ted Kennedy asked the Russians to intervene in his run for President. You see, Ted “drink too much pick up a women and allow her to drown to save your hide” Kennedy was not getting much traction in his 1984 bid for the White House against Reagan. So he turned to the Russians. How do we know? There were no emails hacked or cables stolen or high spy network. Nope. Just memos written by former KGB head Yuri Andropov that were marked Top Secret.

In 1991, Boris Yeltsin opened up the Soviet Archives to journalists and others. Tim Sebastian, a reporter for the London Times found memos between Victor Chebrikov and Yuri Andropov both being among the top 5 people in the USSR and Russia. Kennedy specifically asked for help from the Soviet Union to make him look good and make Reagan look like he was incapable of coming up with an arms agreement with the Soviet Union because of his stubbornness. Kennedy felt like the country was too much behind Reagan and that the Soviet Union would have been better off dealing with Democrats (sure, they would give away more!)

Kennedy was willing to give them “gotcha” talking points or issues that he could speak too but Reagan would be unable to defend.

You can find the memo in its entirety HERE.

Once again, the Left has their facts, blaming fake stories and being outraged at Republicans for doing the same things Democrats do. It is proof positive that Dems are the ones who are out of touch with the American people and society as a whole. Keep praying for Nancy Pelosi’s health.

The longer she is there the stronger we get!

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