failure of ADL

Regular readers of this site will know that I am not a fan of most of the major Jewish organizations in America. These organizations tend to put patisan progressive politics before the needs of the Jewish people. Take for example when the anti-Semitic and  anti-Israel Barack Obama ran for president.

In a joint statement, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the American Jewish Committee ,asked their fellow Jews to pledge not to criticize Obama’s anti-Israel policy. They said it was to keep the issue bi-partisan, but it was because their leadership was very partisan—supporting progressive issues and the Democratic Party, candidate. Another of those supposedly “bi-partisan” leaders, Jack Rosen of the American Jewish Congress, actually had fundraisers for the president in his home.

That’s one example of the priorities of the leadership of American Jewish organizations. To be honest the worst of the all is the ADL. As I have said before; for those who want to donate to donate to the ADL, allow me to suggest you donate to the Democratic Party instead, it cuts out the middle man.

My opinion of the ADL is why I am happy to share this article from the Jewish Leadership Project.

A Recent Investigation Highlighted The Extremist Political Nature Of The ADL Education Program

By The Jewish Leadership Project

The ADL has pledged to “review” and “update” elements of their “anti-bias” teacher training and their K-12 lesson plans after a Fox News Digital investigation found they contained radical left-wing ideologies,, including concepts from critical race theory, intersectionality, and gender theory, many of which are hostile to Jews.

The ADL, founded with a mission to protect the Jewish community, now promotes a curriculum that embraces Jew-hating organizations,, including the Black Lives Matter movement and the Women’s March.

“This is not a surprise to us,” declared Jewish Leadership Project co-founder Charles Jacobs. “As we wrote in our recent Newsweek op-ed, ADL leaders, especially CEO Jonathan Greenblatt, a former Obama administration official, have hijacked the one-time stalwart Jewish defense organization to serve —and even promote— radical progressive ideologies that are putting the Jewish community at risk. Antisemitism is a five-alarm fire in America right now and instead of dousing it, the ADL is pouring gasoline on it.”

JLP co-founder Avi Goldwasser elaborated, “There is a bait and switch here. People turn to the ADL to fight Jew hatred and what they get instead is a partisan political agenda that can cast Jews in a negative light. Although right-wing Jew-hatred is still a lethal threat, the growth of modern antisemitism is coming from the left, black supremacists, anti-Zionists, and Islamists. Instead of fighting these forces, Greenblatt’s ADL mostly whitewashes these threats and occasionally promotes their agenda.”

“This exposé proves what we at JLP have been saying,” remarked JLP fellow Karys Rhea. “ADL prioritizes political correctness above its responsibility to the Jewish community. After years of ignoring the problem, Greenblatt recently admitted in an op-ed that there’s left-wing Jew hatred on college campuses. Yet ADL’s curriculum is actually making it worse by training elementary, middle,, and high school students to become the very left-wing ideologues who harass and target their Jewish classmates.”

The Jewish Leadership Project calls upon the Board of the ADL to hold Jonathan Greenblatt accountable for the damage he is causing. He must resign or be replaced.

The ADL must cease its betrayal of the Jewish community and urgently needs to prioritize its actions to protect the community.

The Jewish Leadership Project (JLP) is a grassroots non-profit initiative that demands that major Jewish organizations—including Federations, the ADL, and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs—cease subordinating the safety and welfare of the Jewish-American community to partisan ideology. Find them online and on social media.


failure of ADL