If you carry a firearm wherever you go, the chances of you being murdered by an Islamic Terrorist are greatly reduced.

It’s time that more Americans wake up to the fact that there are organizations and individuals in the Muslim world who want to kill us.  And unfortunately for us, they are not necessarily stupid; at least no more stupid than water is.

You see, Islamic terrorists are much like water in that they will seek the path of least resistance in order to maximize their effect.  In this case, Islamic terrorists are attacking at places that offer NO resistance, namely the progressives pipe dream called “gun free zones.”  I don’t know how much innocent blood needs to be spilled in order for the majority of the population to be outraged enough to demand that GFZ’s be done away.  Listening to gun control zealots are getting people killed.

ISIS is taking responsibility for the Minnesota mall stabbing that left 9 people injured.  The perpetrator, Dahir Adan, was a Somali immigrant and radical muslim who was able to stab 9 people.  The ONLY reason he was stopped before killing anyone is because Jason Falconer disregarded the Malls anti gun policy and carried anyway, saving the day and lives by putting Adan down .  A lesson to be learned from.  If it’s not illegal, carry your firearm with you because you never know when you might have to put down a knife wielding Islamic Terrorist.

Unfortunately when Turkish immigrant and Islamic Terrorist Arcan Cetin walked into a Washington State mall in order to carry out his terrorist attack there were no people armed to stop him, most likely because they adhered to the asinine Gun Free Zone sign that adorned the doors of the mall.  The outcome was much different than in Minnesota because Cetin had free reign to murder at his leisure because no one was armed to stop him.  His death count was 5 dead, 4 women and a man.  He was also able to flee the scene but fortunately was captured the next day.  Of course, unlike Adan, Cetin had the opportunity to escape and hurt more people because no one was armed at the Washington Mall that could end him.

Then there is the giant Gun Free Zone of New York City where Islamic Terrorist Ahmad Rahami placed several bombs around the Chelsea neighborhood injuring 31.  One might wonder how a gun in the hands of a law abiding citizen could have stopped this.  The honest answer is that they probably couldn’t.  But what terrorists crave most is a high body count.  NYC was lucky that after the bomb went off, Rahami and his terrorist cohorts didn’t flood the street with bullets in the panic killing hundreds.  It was a lucky oversight that New Yorkers should not bank on in the future.  Because why would Islamic Terrorists like Rahami NOT do something like that?  I mean, it’s not like any of the people are going to start shooting back, for the terrorists it would be like shooting fish in a barrel.

These are just the most recent events, but Islamic Terrorists have been steadily and consistently attacking the US and its citizens in recent years for a number of reasons, the least of them not being the weakness of our President and is refusal to call Islamic Terrorists, Islamic Terrorists and his continued kow towing to parties in the Middle East that enable such terrorism to flourish.

And by all means, President Barack Hussein Obama, keep flooding our country with Muslim “refugees” from the Middle East with no due diligence or any verifiable way to identify their ties to terror groups.  By the by Mr. President, out of the 1037 Syrian refugees you forced into this country in the month May, how is it that only TWO are Christian.  One would think that Syrian Christians would be in more danger and in need of refugee status.  Alas, so far you have only allowed in 6 Christian Syrians this entire year…curious.

With the weakness from the Oval Office to actually combat Islamic Terrorists, attacks like the ones mentioned above as well as those perpetrated in San Bernadino, CA, Chattanooga, TN and Boston, MA will continue to befall us.  All of these also took place in Gun Free Zones.

My advice.  Carry your weapon wherever you go that it is legal to do so and avoid places that are not secure that would have you disarm yourself and be complicit in your own murder.  Islamic Terrorists will continue to attack soft targets where they expect no resistance; malls, movie theaters, colleges, gun control cities, work places etc.

I say we change the narrative and give them reasons to doubt their plans…Bullets First.

Crossposted by request from Bullets First