Today Israel released 80+ terrorists who had blood on their hands. Later this week Israel’s PM Olmert meets once again with the terrorist Abbas. Most of these meetings have ended up with Israeli concessions and absolutely nothing coming from the Palestinian side. Inch by Inch Olmert is trying to prepare Israel for a deal who’s outline is already made. A deal that would be disastrous for the security of Israel. A deal which by all reports will look something like this:

-Israel to give back most of the West Bank.

– There will be Palestinian state within the 1967 borders. The specific details of the borders will be determined according to security needs, demographic developments and humanitarian requirements. There will be some sort of land strip that will connect Gaza and the West Bank

– Jerusalem will be a divided city

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– Palestinians will have control of the Temple Mount, Israel the Western Wall

– Palestine will to be declared a national homeland for the Palestinian people and Israel to be declared a national homeland for the Jewish people.

-A Mixed Financial/Resettlement Solution to the Palestinian “right of return”

-Some sort of Abbas declaration of peace that is not recognized by Terrorist Groups

The bottom line is that Israel will be thrown under the proverbial bus. Martin Sherman wrote an article in today’s Ynet news in which he does a great job of summarizing the security problems with such a plan. This Olmert plan will:

  • Create a new international frontier running a few thousand meters from the national parliament and nearly all government ministries
  • Leave the only international airport in the country exposed to bombardment from primitive short-range weaponry already in use against Israel.
  • Make the major transport routes (road and rail) vulnerable to attack, disruption and even closure, thus paralyzing the movement of traffic across the nation
  • Abandon major water sources – almost one-third of the available supply today – to Arab control, not only seriously imperiling the ability to supply Israel’s urban population with drinking water, but also creating the risk of irrevocable ecological damage inside the 1967 Green Line.
  • Bring not only major infrastructure installations into range of weapons already in use by “militants” – but also 80% of Israel’s population and 80% of its economic activity.

Read the full article here Blind to the danger

So here we have it… the Arab states resist attending a November peace conference that will put into place a plan that not only puts Israel in severe danger from a security stand point, but will give the Palestinians control of the most holy site in all of Israel…thus putting a chink in Israel’s historical reasons for legitimacy.

Once again proving the old adage, the Arabs don’t want peace bad enough and the Kadima/Labor block wants it too badly.