MSNBC is reporting that two loud explosions were heard on the Gaza-Egypt border early Thursday evening as the Hamas terrorist (as opposed to President Abbas’ Fatah terrorists), blasted a hole in the border fence. Apparently the Prime Minister Haniyeh (himself a Hamas terrorist) was stopped by the President’s border guards (at Israel’s request) because he was entering Gaza with 35+Million Dollars to be use to buy more weapons to kill Israelis. ( The report didn’t say whether the money was being carried in a large mattress or lots of Walbaums shopping bags).

The Jerusalem Post reports what happened during the build-up to the explosions.

Hamas gunmen angry that Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh was prevented from returning to Gaza, burst into the Rafah border terminal Thursday, sparking a gunbattle with guards.

The Hamas members waiting outside the terminal grew impatient for Haniyeh’s return and broke into the compound, shooting in the air. The Palestinian Presidential Guard, responsible for security at the terminal, began firing at them.

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Travelers in the terminal lobby ran for cover, some carrying their luggage. Women and children hid behind walls and nearby taxis outside. Two Hamas gunmen were wounded in the firefight.

The Hamas members, chanting “God is Great, let’s liberate this place” tried to take over the arrival hall and the border guards escorted European monitors to safety.

“There is chaos here,” said Wael Dahab, a spokesman for the
Presidential Guard.

Photo of the Palestinian Presidential guard
stopping Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh
at the Gaza Border Today -Source Unknown
but probably Reuters Photoshop Dept.