Somehow this all seems like a scene out of Airplane. The Drug Enforcement Administration has announced that it needs to hire at least nine people who are fluent in Ebonics. 

Apparently the DEA’s Atlanta office has been looking for Ebonics “linguists” since at least May, when job vacancies were posted online.

According to one posting, the linguist’s duties would include “monitoring varying numbers of communications intercepts during any given shift” and then providing “reliable and accurate transcriptions.”

An agency official, said there is nothing “racial” about the job, and described white rapper Eminem as “one of the best speakers of Ebonics there ever was.”

“There are words that people use that I never used,” the official said. “It’s a dialect that certain people use, and we see a need for it.”

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Atlanta must have tons of Ebonics-related cases, they are looking for three teams of three linguists to work three shifts, so they have coverage around the clock. The posting from May is pictured below and posted here.

According to the report, The DEA also sees a need for linguists who speak scores of other languages and dialects, including Jamaican Patois.

Unfortunately they are not looking for someone who can understand the famous Old Jewish man from Florida Dialect otherwise this blogger would be able to get some regular work.