Lately the media attacks on Donald Trump have been one-sided and nothing short of malicious. Take for example, the media reports about Trump throwing the crying baby out of the rally, Trump meant it as a joke, the baby’s mother took it as a joke, but the reports in the mainstream made the candidate seem like a baby-hating ogre.

More recently there was the comment Trump made about the gun lobby:

Hillary wants to abolish — essentially abolish the Second Amendment. By the way, if she gets to pick, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know,”

Trump was talking about the powerful, large gun owning lobby voting against Clinton, but the media decided the Republican was alluding to a possible assassination attempt on Hillary Clinton.

To be honest, the behavior of the media really bothered me.  Donald Trump has said some stupid things in the campaign (as opposed to Hillary who DID stupid things), but now the media has started making up stories.

After a restless night, I woke up this morning wondering which lies will be next–what will our biased media do now to try to prop up Hillary Clinton,  by tearing down Donald Trump?

I had no choice I had to send my Cousin Ben to find out.

Ben worked for military intelligence back in the 1980’s. He is an expert in disguise, and a master in interpreting data. He does investigative work for me and in return I guarantee that he will get first dibs at the dark meat, when we carve the Thanksgiving turkey every year.

In almost no time at all Ben found himself spying on a meeting between the Clinton campaign and their friends in the liberal media (the picture below is Ben hiding out in the room where the Clinton campaign plans their attacks).

melonade22 (1)

My cell phone rang lunch time and I knew right away that it was Ben (either him or it was the pizza place calling to tell me there was a problem with my delivery).

Thankfully it was Ben (especially because I was hungry and wanted that pizza ASAP). In typical fashion he got right to it,

“Jeff, I would never have thought it possible, but the Democrats and their press friends have dug up more scandals they plan use against Donald Trump. Check your email in five minutes.”

With that there was a quick flushing sound and Ben was gone.

Sure enough within five minutes his report popped into my email box. The subject of the email was “Scandals that the press plans to use as attacks on Donald Trump.” The list was extensive and just as crazy as some of mainstream media’s recent attacks:

  • Trump is Careless. When he was in kindergarten he made a “poopy” in his diaper TWICE
  • Rough with Other’s Feelings? In third grade Trump got into a fight with some kid named Tommy Jones and pulled his hair. Tommy did not need medical attention, but according to reports he cried to his mommy for AT LEAST AN HOUR
  • Does not respect authority.  When Donald was 12-years-old his parent’s instructed him to go to bed early. He ignored their punishment a read a book with a flashlight, UNDER THE COVERS!
  • Trump has come out of the closet.  Not only out of the closet, but in it also. The word is that Trump does it almost every day when he gets dressed.
  • Beholden to Big Oil. Donald Trump is totally dependent on the big oil companies, especially when he takes long rides in his limo, or when he takes his plane on business trips.  Apparently they use tons of gasoline. Without big oil he would be stranded.
  • A Bad Father!  On June 7th 2002 Donald Trump was supposed to bring home a gallon of milk on his way home from the airport. He forgot.

As you can see all of the scandals and accusations are of the same quality of what the media has shoved at us since Trump officially received the nomination at the convention.

The only real scandal that involves Donald Trump is that these apologists for Hillary Clinton, also known as the mainstream media, continue to hold down a paycheck.