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There is so much going on in this great country of ours, and much of it is bad. The American policy that the U.S. does not negotiate with terrorists is long gone. Under Joe Biden, the policy is now “we take orders from terrorists.” Joe Biden is forcing the US and our NATO allies to follow the orders of the Taliban. It’s as if we are now a Taliban vassal state. Until January 20th, 2021, no one got away with messing with the United States, but now our president is stranding Americans in Afghanistan to deal with the Taliban terrorists by themselves.

I had the extreme honor of appearing on TECN to discuss Biden’s Afghanistan and other liberal screw-ups with TECN host…a dear friend and brother from a darker mother, Ken McClenton, the Exceptional Conservative. TECN (The Exceptional Conservative Network) is Ken’s internet TV network that features his show (M-F at 9PM)  and other programming throughout the day and week.

Not only is Ken a great conservative pundit, providing insight into the day’s news but also..well…let’s just say when Ken and I get together, along with the political insight also things tend to get funny.  Imagine when you were in school and sitting in the back of the room with your buddy shooting spitballs at the teacher. That’s what Ken and I do, except the spitballs are verbal, and instead of a teacher, it’s a politician who is destroying this great country of ours.

Based on the craziness in the U.S. and the world this week, Ken and I had lots to talk about including Afghanistan and COVID-related mandates.

In the video below, Ken and I discuss what is going on in Afghanistan, how it happened,  the lies America is being told. and what can be done to change what’s happening. I promise you will find it informative and entertaining.

When you are done with the video, remember to click over to the TECN Page and enjoy some other good conservative talk (almost as good as when I am on the network).