The claims by the pro-Palestinian protesters are built on a pack of lies that the left takes as the gospel truth. Of course, it is all false.

Recently, Quin Hillyer did a fantastic job of pointing out the falsehoods.

The most important lie is that Israel has somehow “stolen” the land of the so-called “Palestinians” and that they have “dismantled” the state of Palestine. But the truth is, there has never been such a place or a people. On the other hand, the factual historical record shows Israel and Israelites going back thousands of years.

“For the past half-millennium, the area now under Israeli control was ruled either by Ottoman Turks or by Western powers operating under broad, international recognition of the land essentially as a conservatorship rather than as actual territory “owned” by those Western powers. Jews always lived there in significant numbers, though, with the numbers growing as Jews continually faced pogroms and other brutish treatment almost wherever else they settled, no matter how much philanthropy they practiced,” Hillyer wrote.

Of course, the post WWII history of the creation of Israel is crystal clear. As the Allied forces began setting up the country of Israel as a grand apology for Germany’s Holocaust. The Arab states refused to accept the situation and attacked Israel. And we all know Israel won.

But, even after winning, Israel did not eject all non Jews.

As Hillyer noted, “Today, more than 20% of the population of Israel is Arab, with another 5% other forms of non-Jews (including Christians). Every one of them enjoys more freedom, more prosperity, and far more guaranteed human rights than the “Palestinian” inhabitants of Gaza and the West Bank. Arabs can be citizens in Israel, and they have elected members to the Knesset since 1949. Arab Christians for years have served as justices on Israel’s Supreme Court. Today, even an Arab Muslim sits on the court.”

Hillyer also pointed out the relatively small size of Israel in comparison to the Arab states surrounding it.

“Remember, Jews govern a mere 8,000 square miles in the Middle East. Arab nations already control 5 million square miles. Israel’s population is less than 10 million, of which only 7.2 million are Jews. The Arab world consists of 475 million people. Somehow, those 475 million keep failing to conquer the 7 million, and somehow, most of those nations can’t bear the idea of Jews holding just a tiny sliver of land where Jews have lived for 3,300 years,” he wrote.

Hillyer has a lot more information at his article — which is worth a read. It also will help you argue against the lies being pushed by the pro-Nazi, Hamas thugs.

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