Every day you read about the complaints, the IAF must stop the reconnaissance flights over Lebanese territory. The UNIFIL forces say it’s a major violation of the cease-fire agreement. (Actually France doesn’t like it because it scares their soldiers to the point that they soil their pants) Today the Jerusalem post confirmed what we suspected, maybe the UN should stop worrying about what the IAF is doing and start being concerned about what their people are not doing—Their Job

Lebanese confirm arms flow to Hizbullah

By Jacey Herman –

……This correspondent watched as a line of trucks and lorries several kilometers long built up at one crossing on the road from Lebanon into Syria. The trucks, en route from Beirut to Damascus, were laden with a mixture of goods: everything from construction materials to fruits and vegetables. But in the late afternoon wintry chill they were stationary; their drivers had disappeared and only the occasional soldier kept guard every few hundred meters. “They don’t move in the day,” said Yusuf Saad, a taxi driver waiting at the border crossing. Saad, who had watched this correspondent from the other side of the road for some time before signaling for me to come over, added that “It’s much easier for them to drive at night.” He nodded toward the distant Syrian mountain range. “There’s not so much traffic on the road. And I can tell you” – his voice dropped to a conspiratorial whisper – “they might be going in with produce, but they’re coming out with weapons. They hide the rockets under the goods and that’s how they’re able to bring them into the country.”…..

…….Fifty-three year old electrician Hassan Taha, a strident Hizbullah supporter who lives opposite one of the areas the Israeli Air Force bombed last summer – a crater marks where a school, supermarket and hotel once stood – was emphatic, however. “Of course weapons are coming from the border,” he said. “Everybody here knows that. They’re coming from both Iran and Syria and also China and Russia. We need the weapons. We are ready now if Israel strikes us. “If Hizbullah did not exist,” Taha went on, “Israel would annihilate us. We are very happy with the results of the war. Hizbullah was always the most popular here, but now we’re even more popular.”…..

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Where is the indignation ? Why isn’t Olmert on screaming at the TV cameras…Challanging the UN to stop worrying about the flyovers and Just do their job. Why isn’t Peretz using those flyovers to bomb the convoys ? Instead he is wasting his time complaining about residents of Sderot getting some relief from their suffering.

Why isn’t the UN doing anything? Terrance from Right Wing Guy explains why

What exactly has the United Nations been up to lately anyways? They have, predictably, failed the world in just about every area including preventing thousands of deaths in Darfur, not to mention any action at all on the growing threat of armed Islamic militias, which are sweeping thought the south of the country on a direct crash course with the Ethiopian backed Somali government.

Instead of acting to stop these horrific acts the United Nations would rather convene an emergency Security Council meeting to denounce a tank attack by Israeli forces against Palestinian rocket squads.

If we only did the things that pleased the entire world we would become a doormat for any terrorist group or rouge nation that has any kind of greedy ambitions.

(this is a great post read it here)

The answer of course is that the UN is a sham. UNIFIL is a joke. And that despite what the Democrats might think, the ONLY way to protect the US, our heroes in harms way and to protect Israel is to try to form coalitions, is to go it alone! NOW is the time.

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