The latest release of Hillary Clinton’s emails reveal another lie by the former Secretary of State, this time regarding her testimony about Sidney Blumenthal.

Those who watched the eleven plus hours of Hillary Clinton’s testimony before the House Select committee may remember the testimony about “good ole” Sidney Blumenthal, friend of Clinton and foreign policy “expert.” Ms. Clinton explained away Blumenthal’s many emails recommending foreign policy by claiming he was just a buddy trying to help.

“He’s a friend of mine. He sent me information he thought might be of interest. Some of it was, some of it wasn’t, some of it I forwarded to be followed up on. He had no official position in the government. And he was not at all my adviser on Libya.”

But for a guy who wasn’t an adviser Hillary sure listened to his ideas. As reported by Catherine Herridge of Fox News:

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Newly released email from February 2011 shows Blumenthal advocated for a no-fly zone over Libya, writing, “U.S. might consider advancing tomorrow. Libyan helicopters and planes are raining terror on cities.” The email was forwarded by Clinton to her deputy chief of staff Jake Sullivan with the question, “What do you think of this idea?”


A second email from former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in March 2011 also advocated for a no-fly zone, with Blair stating, “Please work on the non-fly zone, or the other options I mentioned. Oil prices are rising, markets are down. We have to be decisive.”


In the end, Clinton advocated for the no-fly zone and was able to gather support within the Obama administration to implement it.


Not bad for someone who “was not at all my adviser on Libya.”

During the hearings the Democrats kept whining over and over about the questions about Blumenthal, and their lemmings in  mainstream media kept spreading the message Ms. Clinton came out of the debate unscathed. They forget that the purpose of the hearing was to gather evidence and Hillary’s testimony was under oath. The danger for the former Secretary of State was not the hearing but the final committee report which which will present all the evidence and expose mistruths in a clear organized way.

In another email from March 5, 2012, Clinton appears to use Blumenthal as what is known in intelligence circles as a “cut out,” a type of intermediary to gather information, allowing the policymaker plausible deniability. In this case, the emails focused on the increasingly chaotic and fragmenting political landscape in Libya after dictator Muammar Qaddafi was removed from power.


In the one-page document, Blumenthal writes that Jonathan Powell, a former senior British government adviser to Blair, is “trying to replicate what we did in Northern Ireland by setting up secret channels between insurgents and government, and then, where appropriate, developing these negotiations.” This type of backchannel discussion helped bring about the 1998 Good Friday peace agreement in Northern Ireland.


Clinton responded two hours later. “I’d like to see Powell when he’s in the building,” with her staff responding, “Will follow up.”

It’s strange that President Obama isn’t seething about Sidney Blumenthal.  It was Obama who directed that Blumenthal would have no involvement in his administration because of his mean-spiritedness when working on Hillary’s 2008 campaign.  It is clear by the way Ms. Clinton acted upon the “friendly” advice he gave (both the above and previous evidence)  that Sidney Blumenthal was an active adviser to the State Department, which means Hillary lied about Blumenthal during her congressional testimony.