The initial presidential election exit polls at 5:30 last night seemed to say that Hillary Clinton would be the big winner of the 2016 Presidential Election, eight and a half hours later I was on the radio calling the election for Donald Trump. Arguably this was the biggest election upset of all time, and an end to the strangest election season in my life.

Later today when the rest of the exit polls are available we will provide a perspective on the race, explaining exactly why Trump had the big win and how the composition of the electorate changed. But Even without the final exit numbers, the winners and losers of the 2016 presidential election (along with Trump and Clinton) are totally apparent.


Donald J. Trump: When he came down that escalator and announced they said he was a joke and he had no chance to win, (I was one of them). They were wrong.

Peter Schweizer: Beginning with his first “Clinton Cash” related article in March of 2015, Peter began stripping the “Teflon” off the former secretary of state. Rather than rely on rumor and innuendo, Schweizer relied on facts and documents. He was the first to expose Hillary Clinton during this election season–and because he damaged her, others followed.  BTW if you haven’t read Clinton Cash as of yet…you should do so.

Reince Priebus: They said the RNC Chairman was too establishment–that he was anti-Trump, but Reince presided over a party that was supposed to lose the Senate and the White House and won both. His spending on research and ground game were instrumental to the Trump Win.

Julian Assange: Yes hacking into email accounts is illegal. By hacking into the DNC and John Podesta’s email accounts Assange’s WikiLeaks was able to cover Hillary Clinton’s crimes and lies that the mainstream media refused to cover.

James O’ Keefe: His Project Veritas videos exposed the duplicity of the Democratic Party. One even proved the Democrats incited violence at Trump rallies.

The Republican Party: Yes I know, people said a Trump victory will destroy the GOP. However, if Trump is able to do what he promised, the Republican Party will no longer be the party of rich white folks, but will become a center-right party of the people, especially if they build on Trump’s reach out to the Black and Latino communities.

Citizen’s United: Boy the liberals hated that court ruling, they claimed that big money controls elections. When final numbers are in it will show that Hillary Clinton’s outside money will be at 3x that of Donald Trump. Money isn’t anything.

Sean Hannity: Hannity was eviscerated for his over-the-top support of Trump, but it worked. Guess who is going to get plenty of White House interviews.

Anthony’s Weiner: Who would have thought it–a possible pedophile may have saved the country. The investigation of his sexting, led to the discovery of the computer that he shared with his wife, which led to Comey’s announcement. Even though he said that after a review nothing changed, it was way too late


Hillary Clinton: By throwing her hat into the presidential election ring she left herself open to investigation. Many of her crimes were exposed. She believed that “you could fool all the people all the time.” She came off as an elitist and a champion of nobody but herself. By the way, Hillary Clinton didn’t lose because America didn’t want a female president. Hillary lost because America didn’t want Hillary Clinton as president.

Barack Obama: He put his reputation as a campaigner on the line—he lost. Now the programs he shoved down America’s throats are in danger. Obama’s legacy will the uprising of the electorate who he ignored for eight years.

Pollsters: (Sort of) as of now it looks as if Hillary will win the popular vote because she won big states like California and New York by yuge margins. The national polls weren’t wrong. Hillary’s margin is 0.00127, in other words very tiny.  Most national polls had the presidential election as a tossup within the margin of error. Where the pollsters screwed up was in the state by state polls.

The Mainstream Media: We always knew the mainstream media was biased, but I have never seen the media try to unfairly destroy a candidate the way the MSM did with Donald Trump. Special loser awards go to CNN whose collaboration with team Clinton was exposed by WikiLeaks.

The Democratic Party: What claims to be the party of the people has become the party of arrogant elitists.

Climate Change Alarmists: Hey guess what? There is not a 97% consensus of Americans who believe climate change is a bigger issue than terrorism. or the economy, or killing Obamacare, or rebuilding our military….

John Kasich: He kept publicly dissing the candidate of his party, and that’s after he signed an agreement to promising to support the nominee. Kasich didn’t even show up at the Republican Convention even though he was the host. To paraphrase “Mr. Wonderful” of Shark Tank…”John Kasich, you are dead to me (and many Republicans).” It is my hope that neither Trump or Priebus ever take a phone call from him again.

Donna Brazile: Not only did she get caught with her fingers in the debate question cookie jar, but as leader of the DNC she was supposed to preside over her party keeping the White House and the Senate–ooops!

All Those Celebrities Who Said They Would Leave The Country If Trump Won The Presidential Election: Well—GET THE HELL OUT ALREADY!!! Especially you Cher who promised to go to Jupiter.

You know….winning is a lot more fun than losing. I am sure there are more winners and losers but this is it for now.

Folks please come back to the site later, there will be more analysis of the election results.