Sunday evening is a great time for reading blogs and today is no different. Below are some really great posts that I read today, this is the kind of stuff that just makes Einstein Flip his Lid

Fair is Foul…Foul is Fair and the stuff found on Carnival of the Insanities certainly proves it. This week’s edition of Pat Sanity’s Carnival shows that the world is still very very crazy

Don’t Miss the Right Truth’s Sunday Reading List.

Spree points out that Iraq does not want us to leave Iraq Opposes Troop Withdrawal; Parliament Will Not Recess.

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Saturday Night in Manhattan was a Fun and wild time. Not they way you are thinking. There was an Anti-Cair Rally and Pamela Geller the famous Atlas Shrugs covered it all for us

Carl of Israel Matzav shows us how Holland celebrated their freedom from the Nazis—with Anti Semitism, read Anti-Semitism in Holland

I don’t know if you have been to Mr. Bagel’s Site in a while but you must go see is now an everything bagel. when you get there you will understand what I mean . Oh while you are there make sure to read Hezbollah is prepared but not seeking new Israel War…and other fairy tales.

I wasn’t in Tel Aviv for the big rally this past Thursday but Rafi G was, and he says what a rally! it was.

On this blog we talk about how the Palestinian Terrorists kill their own as well as Israeli Children. Meryl Yourish has the chart to prove it. Read the sad truth in Israeli Double Standard Time

Israpundit does not let Move.on weasel out of their anti-Israel propaganda Response to’s Pro-Palestinian Bulletin Explanation

Now my friend Bagel is VERY talented, but I am sure that he will agree that “the Mrs.” is just as talented. I just love this picture post on her site Baleboosteh called Fire In The Sky.

Dave The Soccer Dad found that some of us American Jews may be in trouble “Every Jewish family in America that has any property in the Holy Land needs to be prosecuted as part of an organized criminal network”

My Friend Chaim describes how Iran was “bitch-slapped” down to size by Egypt and Saudi Arabia A Clear Message to Ahmedinajad and the US.

Yael at Boker Tov Boulder is the blogger who always lifts me up when I am being attacked. Besides being a very good soul, she is a very good blogger. I love the way she cuts through the BS and lays it out for us in this post called Trivial Pursuit & The Concept of Effects

Daled Amos Asks an important question with regards to the French Elections , Can Israel get Cozy with Sarkozy? The Famous Dry Bones has a great post on the British Press boycott of Israel British Reporters Attack Israel !?

Scarier than the British Reporter’s attacking Israel is the fact that Hezbollah is back to where it was before last June read Gentile Warrior’s Whats Next.

Our Elder of Zion Picks apart the whining of the Israeli Arab spy in Bishara’s hypocrisy

Dave of Israel at Ground Level has a great commentary called Israeli-led team discovers new planet; Olmert, Peretz mull visit.I wonder if the once planet Pluto knows about this.

Speaking of great commentaries…I have been told that MAY 1967 VS. May 2007 HAS THE MIDDLE EAST CHANGED AT ALL? is one of the Yid’s best If you haven’t seen it yet please give it a read.

Aussie Dave has the latest on Teapacks and the Eurovision song contest on Israellycool

Its summer movie season, and Yisrael of My Right word asks a question that I ask myself all the time. Why do Jewish “artists” insist on making fun of all Jews and the Jewish religion is such a mean way in, Jews Don’t Like Jews.

Smoothstone explains it all to us. So what is the difference between one kind of Islam and another. I read his post One Islam to understand.

Reb Martin of Solomania tells us that Hamas was kept out of the Netherlands and they Blame us Joooze. Personally if it is our fault we did them a favor.

And for a look at the Good Ole US of A..Layla of the Hill Chronicles takes a look at political endorsements and why they matter Endorsement Power