After nearly a week of Israel’s war against the terrorist Hamas and Hezbollah, its time to point out many of the misstatements, incorrect information and downright lies presented by foreign leaders, TV Talking heads, Democratic Party spokesman about the present crisis. Here are some that I have noticed:

1. The Crisis has been caused by the United States withdrawing from an active role in the Mid-East peace process (whether or not one actually existed is another story). Sorry Mr. Dean, but you get a 10 on the olds BS rating scale. A matter of fact is that the previous two Democratic Presidents, Bill/Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Carter did whatever they could to grant political legitimacy for terrorists by supporting the terrorist Arafat and the PLO. The big policy change vs. Democratic Administrations, which was put forth by President Bush, is that we no longer will negotiate with terrorists. It was the Bill/Hillary Clinton administration that invited Yassir Arafat to visit the White House more than any other “World Leader” Bush refused to invite him for “tea” until he did something to stop the homicide bombings. After Arafat’s death Bush met with Abbas but remained steadfast in his refusal to meet with the terrorist Hamas or Hezbollah.

Through these actions Bush has been the first president to say that terrorism against Jews is wrong as terrorism against other groups. The President has been active in the supposed peace process. Don’t forget that it was this Administration that pushed through “Road Map” plan, gaining the approval of both Israel and the Palestinians.

The bottom line is that the party of Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy has lost its nerve. The Democrats refuse to acknowledge that the United States in a war against Islamic fascism and Israel is a partner in that war. Instead they send their talking heads on to fight our Commander in Chief every step of the way. Instead of offering alternate solutions they just offer criticism. They have damaged the morale of the country and hurt the war effort. It is time for the party to go back to its proud patriotic heritage, and drop the partisanship for partisanship’s sake promoted by Senators Dean and Kerry.

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2. Israel is targeting civilians. Hezbollah is a very smart organization. They store their rockets in civilian houses with the hope that if Israel goes after the rockets she will get bad press. The truth is Israel is targeting munitions. Hezbollah is breaking international law by using their people as human shields. On the other hand, with the exception of the Israeli gunboat hit last week Hezbollah is targeting civilian areas.

3. Israel’s response is too extreme. Unlike previous Democratic administrations, Bush’s response is that Israel has a right to defend herself. The President sees Israel’s action in Lebanon very similar to what we did to the Taliban after 9/11. Strangely Russia thinks that Israel has gone too far. I wonder how Putin feels about the “military actions” in Chechnya? As for France maybe they are just upset that they are losing another terrorist organization to give aid to.

4. The present conflict was caused by the Israel–Palestinian problem. I guess the talking heads that see the “Palestinian issue” as the cause haven’t had a chance to read the papers in a while. Israel pulled out of Gaza, Israel pulled out of Lebanon. Israel remains in the West Bank..but that area is relatively calm.

This conflict was created by Iran to avert attention away from their nuclear bomb program and by Syria because they want to feel like “Players”

5. Guess what, there are American’s tourists in Israel also. The media keeps interviewing Americans in Lebanon talking about their fears about being in a war zone. There are Americans in Israel also, but they don’t receive any coverage. Just in my own Shul there are 20 congregants in the Israeli war zone, at least 10 of them are kids on Birthright or USY tours. Why doesn’t Wolf Blitzer talk to them?

6. The only way to solve the present conflict is through negotiation and diplomacy. Negotiating with terrorists creates peace? Boys and girls can you say “OSLO”?

7. The UN should send in peacekeepers. News anchors always leave out the fact that history of Israel is littered with cases of UN Peacekeepers being ineffectual at best when it comes to protecting its boarders against terrorists. In many cases they have helped the terrorists complete their anti-Israel attacks.

8. The present conflict is causing higher gas prices. Wrong again! The supply of gas in the US is higher than ever. Speculators who are playing in the futures market are setting the price of oil.

I am sure I missed hundreds of others lies and mistruths. But I bet that you can come up sith some. When you hear these misstatements, write the offending parties. If it is part of a comment by a reporter or “talking head” tell the station that you are offended by the lack of fair coverage. Also, write down the names of the companies who advertise on those shows. Send them letters also. Suggest to them that it may be a better use of their marketing dollars to put their ads on a network that does not turn off consumers with slanted Middle East coverage.