A true leader only sends children into battle when it is absolutely necessary. They should feel the death of each one as if they are his own, because they ARE. It has been claimed by many that the battles during the last 60 hours of the Second Lebanon War were totally unnecessary. The Prime Minister’s position has been that last race to the Litani River was needed to Secure Israel’s negotiating position. John Bolton former United States UN Ambassador says Olmert is lying, the deal was already in place.

This leaves Israel with a “leader” who recklessly send his children into battle just to save his political career. Think about it for a second…..let it sink in. Ehud Olmert sent thirty-four children to their deaths so he could remain Prime Minister. In my book that is not a leader…its a murderer.

Olmert is responsible for the deaths of our children‘JPost.com Staff , THE JERUSALEM POST Jan. 23, 2008Seven days before the Winograd Commission submits its conclusion on the performance of the political and military echelons during the Second Lebanon War, bereaved families will be submitting a damning “alternative report” to the Knesset in which they detail the circumstances of their loved ones’ deaths. The report, entitled Eich Naflu Giborim, or How the Courageous Fell, also includes a conclusions chapter and parents are not shying away from making personal recommendations. The report opens with the following statement: “We are parents to children who fell while defending their country in the Second Lebanon War. We are bound to this country with all of the tendons of our being, and in all of our actions, small and large. We have always considered contributing to our country a central component of our outlook. The enlistment of our sons and daughter to serve in the Israel Defense Force was the natural consequence of their upbringing. Our children’s enlistment, like our enlistment in the past did not stem from obedience to the law and walking the beaten track, but rather from a profound moral awareness.” The detailed report, dozens of pages long, goes on to specify societal and political ills that according to the authors are reflected in the political echelon’s refusal to accept responsibility for the war’s failures. “The country’s leaders during wartime, the people charged by virtue of their lofty posts with serving as an example to all of us of the way in which an honest person should conduct himself, are leading Israeli culture to realms in which those who wield power and capital control decision-making; where only those who cannot afford sufficient legal representation stand firm for [their] beliefs,” the report reads. “A staggering majority of Cabinet ministers are behaving as if they are not the ones at the receiving end of the harsh statements made in the Winograd report. They go about their jobs as if their wartime conduct was not a failure, as if they do not know they have failed.” Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is severely castigated in the report, which states unequivocally that he should resign forthwith. “The prime minister has failed, and after reading [these] words he cannot remain in office for a single day more,” the parents write and proceed to elaborate a number of grievances against Olmert. “The foolish attempt to present the [war’s] final operation as a move that induced a positive change in the clauses of the truce agreement adds fuel to the flames of failure.” “The ostentatious campaign of the last sixty hours [to the war] did not bring about any improvement in Israel’s standing, but 34 families lost their loved ones in those sixty hours,” they write. “We do make personal conclusions, and that’s why this is the true national report,” says Ariela Goldman, who lost her son Noam in the war. “We, the parents, are going into battle for the name of the war, its objectives; the true story. We are going into battle tha is not only about personal [conclusions] but about national [conclusions],” she told Army Radio. Uzi Dayan, chairman of the Tafnit party, who wrote the conclusions chapter of the report and has been an outspoken opponent of Olmert since the war, said the prime minister would be have to respond to the report’s recommendations. “The bereaved families are putting their truth on the Knesset’s table, and shifting the decision to the political arena,” he told Army Radio. “We don’t pretend to supersede the Winograd Commission, but all that remains of [Winograd] is something that is not even personal conclusions, which is why we chose to lend our voice.