The protests in Egypt are expanding. What was originally reported as hundreds of thousands of protesters across the country yesterday afternoon has been revised upward by many news outlets to “millions of Egyptians” taking the streets to oppose Muslim Brotherhood Rule.

“The daytime crowd in Tahrir crossed religious and socioeconomic lines — old women in black hijabs shouted irhal, or ‘leave,’ next to youths carrying crosses, who chanted ‘Christians and Muslims are one hand.’ Protesters carried red cards — both a reference to a soccer penalty and a message to Morsy that they wanted to force him from the political playing field. ‘This is not a warning, this is a red card, you donkey,’ read one poster (it rhymes in Arabic).The reputation of the Egyptian military has also undergone a significant revival among anti-Muslim Brotherhood forces. Cheers erupted from the crowd when army helicopters flew over the square; one protester turned to me to explain, ‘They’re here to protect us.’ Meanwhile, the U.S. government has become the bête noire of protesters, who blame Washington for propping up the Morsy administration. Tattered pictures of U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson, with a giant red ‘X’ through her face, littered the ground of the square. Meanwhile, a large poster declaring ‘Obama Supports Terrorism’ had pride of place at the center of the demonstration.”

The translation (not great-a mixture of Bing and Google translate) below will give you an Idea of their demands:

The first statement of the revolution in the name of God in the name of the people in the name of revolution on behalf of more than 22 million Egyptian citizens signed a form of rebellion to withdraw confidence on behalf of the Egyptian people, announce today that Mohammed Morsi Issa ayat is no longer a legitimate President of the Republic of Egypt

We announce the following points:

  • First: We  ask the Egyptian people of the pillars of the institutions of the state army, police and judiciary to take the sides, and recognize the popular will of the General Assembly of the Egyptian people in Tahrir square and federal and all areas in all provinces. 
  • Secondly: We will continue our sit-in in the square and in front of the Federal Palace and all fields of editing by all provinces.  
  • Thirdly: we reaffirm our commitment to complete the peaceful Egyptian whole blood is forbidden and will not allow anyone or organization or terrorist group that drags our Egypt into civil war.  
  • Fourth: emphasize that it is no longer possible to accept any compromise and there is no alternative to the peaceful termination of the authority of the brothers and of the guidance office delegate Mohammed Morsi Federal Palace and call early presidential elections. 
  • Fifth: we give Mohamed Morsi Issa ayat to no later than 5: 00 p.m. Tuesdayto leave power so that the institutions of the Egyptian state of readiness to hold early presidential elections, otherwise the General Assembly of the Egyptian people are invited to the following:   

  1. Congregate in all fields with the Republic crawl to the palace dome  
  2. This is the fifth date of Tuesday evening, the beginning of the call for a comprehensive civil disobedience in order to implement the will of the Egyptian people.

Victory of the revolution .. Glory to the martyrs

So far at least 16 people were killed and more than 780 were wounded Sunday and Monday during the protests according to the nation’s health minister via the official Egypt News agency.

Dr. Mohammed Mustafa Hamid told the news agency that eight people alone were killed in clashes at the Muslim Brotherhood’s national headquarters in Cairo. All but 182 of the wounded have left the hospital after receiving treatment for their injuries.

Those calling for Morsy’s ouster say he has hijacked the gains made in the revolution that toppled Hosni Mubarak and has pushed aside moderate voices.

But we know that can’t be true because our president says the Muslim brotherhood is secular. The protesters also say Morsi’s policies are to blame for a breakdown in law and order, for an economy that’s gone south, and for a gas shortage that has Egyptians waiting at the pumps for hours.

Morsi’s supporters say he inherited a broken system and should be given time to fix it (now where have I heard that before?)

The demonstrators say they have collected 17 million signatures — roughly 4 million more than what won Morsy the presidency — and all of them call for Morsy to go.
The opposition is made up of various groups and loose coalitions, and not all anti-Morsy protesters agree with the road map the Tamarod campaign is advocating.

The truth is even in the Muslim dominated Middle East, its difficult to take a secular society and turn it into a theocracy. The Egyptian people are revolting against the oppressive rule of the Muslim Brotherhood.  America should be supporting them, especially this week when we celebrate our revolt against the oppressive rule of King George and the British.

UPDATE: The Egyptian Military has given Morsi two days to compromise with the protesters and calm them down.

Egypt’s powerful military warned Monday that the nation’s first democratically-elected leader in decades had just 48 hours to answer the demands made by thousands of anti-government protesters calling for his ouster, or it would intervene to force a political transition.

The military’s ultimatum was, it said, a “last chance.”

In a statement read on Egyptian state television, Defense Minister Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sissi lamented that conservative Islamist President Mohammed Morsi and the largely younger opposition movement, which has led massive protests calling for early elections, had failed to reach an agreement during the previous week.

“If the demands of the people are not met by the expiry of this deadline (by Wednesday), the Armed Forces will announce a road-map for the future, and procedures that the Armed Forces will oversee with the participation of all political and national streams, including the youths, who were and still are the real force that ignited their glorious revolution, and without the exclusion of any party,” said the statement.

 Understand the Military has only one interest in this fight CALM. And just as they did with Former President Mubarak, they will force Morsi out if calm is not established ASAP.