It was a horrible scene Christians in Alexandria Egypt were celebrating Mass when a car bomb exploded, killing 21 Christians and wounding another eighty. Logic would dictate that this is a continuation of the “ethnic cleansing” of Christians going on in Egypt for years. 

For example, there was the attack at the Abu Fana Monastery in January 2008, the Coptic News Network was in direct, nonstop contact over the phone with the monks in Abu Fana Monastery, 190 miles south of Cairo, listening to the barbaric criminal attack by more than 60 Muslims. Over the phone, they could hear automatic weapons gun fire not one major news network covered the assault.

The thugs, the followers of the butcher of nations, the laughing killer (this is one of Muhammad famous name) attacked the peaceful, harmless, and unarmed monks in their desert Monastery of Abu Fana that existed 300 years before the curse of islam reached Egypt, and again spread their butchery and desolation for the second time this year. We reported the last attack in January 13, 2008, and a similar incident took place in Minya in October, resulting in 20 people receiving injuries. In total, this is the eighteenth attack in the last four years by the same neighboring Muslim gang lead by a well known ex-police informer, and not one of these Muslim thugs were ever arrested or prosecuted.

  • One church was set on fire; another one was destroyed to the ground, Bibles, crosses, Icons, holy utensils of the Altars were desecrated, spit at, thrown to the ground, stepped and urinated on.
  •  Four of the monks were shot and wounded. One was beaten with iron bars. (Father Bakhom ,Father Saweris , Father Veni , Father Micheal , And a fifth monk )
  • Three monks and a Christian that was visiting the Monastery (Father Maximous, Father Yoanas, Father Andrawes, and the brother of Father Mina who was visiting the monastery at the time of the attack) were kidnapped. The three monks were freed from the hands of the Muslim attackers and brought to the monastery the next day by the police, after thousands of angry Copts gathered at the diocese of El Minya, being aware of the extreme gravity of the kidnapping of symbols of the church, and the catastrophe it could cause in Egypt, and internationally due to the immediate reactions, and monitoring from all the Coptic organizations in the Western world. The condition of the three monks was extremely critical, they were barely alive, not able to walk or stand on their feet after they suffered indescribable torture for refusing to say the shahada ( Islamic profession of faith) and to spit on the cross. Every time they refused to recite the shahada they were stoned and even muslim women were spitting on them, putting sands in their eyes, ears, and mouth. They were lynched, lashed with electric cables, buried to their waist and stoned again, blind folded and attached to palm trees and beaten with wooden bats that crushed their back, arms, and leg bones.

In December of that same year a group of 20,000 Muslims attacked a different ChurchSt Mary and Anba Abraam church in Cairo)

We could take hours publishing examples of  Muslim attack on Christians in Egypt. But according to the folks at Iran’s Press TV it wasn’t the Muslims at fault, but it was the Jooose.

In Egypt, too, Muslims and Christians are living in peace and harmony. Never, ever have the Christians in Egypt complained of any problems keeping them from carrying out their religious duties. The fresh plot by terrorists to target churches is an organized Zionist scenario aimed at creating a rift between Muslims and Christians.

Following its intelligence and security failures in Egypt and the apprehension of a number of Mossad agents by Egyptian intelligence apparatus, the Zionist regime of Israel is set to exact vengeance on the Egyptian nation…..All the existing evidence proves that the Alexandria church explosion, though appearing to have been carried out by extremist groups, is the handiwork of the Israeli intelligence service Mossad.

Its not just the Iranians blaming the terrorist incident on the Jews:

A top Shiite Muslim leader in Lebanon, Sheikh Abdel Amir Kabalan, denounced the attack as a “terrorist act aimed at sowing chaos and fear in Egypt”.

“This terrorist act bears the fingerprints of Zionists who keep on targeting religious sights and are working to … sow discord between Muslims and Christians,” Kabalan said in a statement.

Even in the “moderate” country of Egypt, where the attack happened:

A coalition of Egyptian lawyers accused Israel of being behind an terror attack in Alexandria that killed 22 members of the Christian Copt sect attending midnight mass on New Year’s eve, Army Radio reported Monday.

“The Mossad carried out the the operation in a natural reaction to the latest uncovering of an Israeli espionage network,” the lawyers accused at a rally in memory of the victims, organized by the Egyptian Bar Association, according to the report.

Sadly this blood libel will probably be believed by Muslim countries across the world.

Even more sad is the fact that Coptic Christians are being ethnically cleansed; killed, tortured, forced to convert, blown up all across Egypt, the same way Christians are being treated in Muslim countries throughout the world. A fact that is continually ignored by the mainstream media.