Another U.S. ally is expressing frustration at President Obama’s withdrawal from the Middle East and the war on terrorism.  Meeting with a delegation of Congressional staffers, the Egyptian Foreign minister criticized the US “reluctance” in supporting Egypt with its war against terrorism.

The Foreign Minister’s assistant for US affairs, Mohamed Farid Moneib, met Monday with a delegation of US Congress representatives’ assistants. The war on terrorism and Egypt’s democratic steps post-30 June were the main topics discussed in the meeting, according to the ministry’s statement.

Moneib asserted in the meeting Egypt’s keenness on enhancing “strategic relations” between the two countries.

However, he expressed “discomfort towards American reluctance with supporting Egypt with its war on terrorism”.

The minister’s assistant highlighted the strong relation between different terrorist organisations in the region which embrace same ideas and radical ideology and cooperate in operations.

He also said that supporting Egypt with war on terrorism will help end this phenomenon.

Understand, Egypt is not looking for a commitment of American troops, the Arab League already created a joint military force to handle any “troops on the ground” component of their war against Islamist terror.  Egypt and our other Arab allies are looking for weapons and financial help.  Our support makes sense from the U.S. POV we should be encouraging Arab nations to fight their own battles instead of relying on American troops. However Obama has pulled away from our long-time Egyptian allies because the people threw out the Muslim Brotherhood in favor of General el-Sisi