President Trump and sleepy Joe Biden each went to Kenosha, Wisconsin, this week.

Trump spoke to the family’s minister to see if he should meet with the family of Jacob Blake. His father, Jacob Blake Sr. insisted on having a lawyer present if Trump were to visit with the family. The President wasn’t interested in playing any of those games. Instead, he met with the people in Kenosha that were devastated by the rioting and damage, and law enforcement who calmed down the riot. His trip was not focused on politics but on getting the community what it needed.

Two days later, Biden visited Kenosha as well. But his was a trip to please his radical handlers. It was made only because the President’s trip was successful.

Unlike Trump, he met with Jacob’s anti-Semitic father. But that makes sense for Joe, after all, the Democratic Party’s far-left base is filled with anti-Semites. The media made a big deal about Jacob’s father speaking to Biden, but not talking to Trump. They ignored the fact that Blake Sr. is a Jew-hating Bigot.

Jacob’s father is a Farrakhan-supporting, raging bigot. And he’s Joe Biden’s new BFF. If he was a Trump supporter, his hate-mongering would be fodder for the news. But he’s part of the Democrats and their BLM offensive so there’s silence.

Here’s a sampling of Biden’s BFF’s hate

As you can see in this video, career Democrat and former NY State Assemblyman Dov Hikand blasted Biden for meeting with Blake Sr.:

There was another difference between Biden and Trump’s visits. The reception each of them received in Kenosha was not the same at all.

But was Kenosha a one-off?


Trump is gathering overflow crowds even at his more COVID-compliant simple airport campaign stops.

They really seem happy to see him.


If Biden’s not even being greeted in Kenosha by a stray dog, that can’t bode well for his chances of winning the swing state.

Biden did go to a church…he used it as a setting to lie about Trump.

Is it any wonder the Democrats are putting so much stock in muddying the election results by involving the mail and — by extension — those hundreds of lawyers he has on standby?

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