Japan has few babies and a huge and growing population of octogenarians, so one company that makes diapers is acting accordingly by ending production on diapers for babies and switching to making diapers for the age and infirm.

The company, Oji Holdings, recently announced that it is switching its focus. It will still make diapers, of course, but just not for little ones, according to The Guardian.

A major reason is sales. The company was selling 700 million a year for small ones. But lately that fell to only 400 million.

Per the paper:

The number of births in Japan fell to an all-time low of 758,631 in 2023, compared with 1,590,503 deaths. Children under the age of 15 accounted for less than 12% percent of the country’s population in 2022, the public broadcaster NHK said, while those aged 65 and over made up almost 30%.

Japan’s population is set to plummet from 125 million to an estimated 88 million by 2065 – a 30% decline in 45 years.

The company added that just to stay alive it has to switch to making products for the aged.

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