Here we go again. Now wokesters are claiming that dummies used for CPR training are racist. No, really.

Woke “researchers” recently found that 90 percent of mannequins used for training are made in the form of white men. Only a sixth were women, and none were made in the image of fat people. Additionally, not one was wearing a yarmulke, so they weren’t including Jews either.

Per the Daily Mail… and it’s a good thing it isn’t the Daily Male

Mannequins used to practice life-saving CPR aren’t diverse enough, doctors have claimed. Researchers want to ditch the reliance on default lean white male models.

I suppose they believe that people of color have different kinds of hearts than Caucasians.

Doing so will help overcome ‘bias’ among bystanders and help improve the survival of other groups, they say.

This, the team claim, would be done by ‘changing the perception of sudden cardiac death’ — meaning people recognise it doesn’t just happen to white men.

Wait for a second! Are these woke idiots saying if a Black guy grabs his heart as he collapses to the ground, any White guy who sees it will think the guy passed out because he has a toothache?

Academics from Canada and Argentina found fewer than 10 per cent of mannequins used to promote CPR on social media represented black or Asian people.

None were of pregnant women and barely any were of fat people, according to the study.

The woke dummies want a diversified set of test dummies. But according to doctors, There is no specific CPR guidance for black or Asian people, as the techniques used are exactly the same for all adults.

Dummies used in CPR training, often provided free by charities, can cost hundreds of pounds each.

Life-saving CPR training is used to help bystanders improve the odds of survival if someone suffers a cardiac arrest, a sudden loss of heart function.

This is the silliness of the woke.

Meaningless posturing is presented as actual action.

Makes one wonder which one is the real dummy?

From iPatriot and Lidblog