Please disable your Ad Blocker to better interact with this website. America is watching the President as he lays out his plan..higher density of troops in Baghdad, more American support embedded with Iraqi troops, propping up the Iraqi infrastructure. What the media has been reporting as simply a troop increase, is not just a troop build up…its really a comprehensive new strategy that requires more personnel–and that is a difference. Will it work, I pray to G-d that it will because the alternative is more than scary. For the full text of the President’s speech click here

Then here comes Dumb Dumb Durbin to make a speech. The big Democratic Response is: Bush Sucks, the Plans Suck, lets pull our troops out..that will make things all better.

Is this is how the new Democratic congress is going to lead—by being obstructionist? Hey Pelosi if you really want to be the most powerful women in the world…come up with an original “effing” idea!

The President presents his new plan for victory in Iraq to the people of this country and all you can say is “NAH I Don’t think so ?”, “this plan sucks, ” if you don’t like it—WHAT IS YOUR PLAN?

The Democratic front runner Ms. Clinton announced that she agrees with Dumb Dumb, saying that she can not support the President’s plan. This president wanna-be doesn’t present an idea either.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. IF YOU HAVE A BETTER PLAN PRESENT IT, Until then either lead, follow or get the hell out of our way. We have a war to win !

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