Employees of the A&E network must be beginning to believe this entire controversy is all ducked up. Duck Dynasty fans are mailing A&E CEO Nancy Dubuc thousands of yellow rubber ducks in protest of Phil Robertson’s suspension by the network.

This protest effort is being led by an organization called Faith 2 Action and called “Mail The Duck.”

The first cardboard box jammed with 1,500 ducks will be sent to the channel’s CEO Nancy Dubuc by Saturday, according to Janet Porter, the founder of Faith2Action.

Porter said she was looking for a “tangible” way to show A&E that thousands of people support Robertson’s views on homosexuality. Rick Scarborough, president of the partner organization Vision America, came up with idea to organize a “Mail The Duck” campaign. The goal is to fight back against what they call a “homosexual agenda” that conservatives believe is “steamrolling” over their rights to freedom of religion and free speech.

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“If they can fire Phil for his Christian beliefs, none of us are safe,” Porter told The News. “It’s Phil today, us tomorrow.”

The pair launched the campaign on Dec. 23 and Porter says she’s already gotten thousands of requests to sponsor ducks and send free postcards.

The Mail The Duck campaign is planning to send thousands of rubber ducks to A&E’s offices.

‘This is our way of saying we’re fed up with people trying to force their values down people of whole value’s throats,” said Rick Scarborough, president of Vision America.

“I do believe this is an attack on everyone who holds these values,” Scarborough told The [NY Daily]News. “With these ducks we’re saying that A&E shouldn’t have shut this man down for beliefs they knew beforehand that he held.”

This call for ducks in support of the duck call patriarch is kind of funny but to be truthful, this entire controversy is a bit silly.

Robertson has every right to say what is on his mind but A&E has every right to suspend him.  The LGBT community has every right to be angry about Phil’s comments.  Not necessarily for what he said, but how he said it. And not said is the fact that his comments about African Americans being happy during Jim Crow was much worse than what he said about Gay people.

On the other hand A&E knew exactly what they were getting when they began to broadcast Duck Dynasty.  He didn’t wait to be signed by the network to embrace his faith. So A&E’s suspension was simply idiotic. They should leave it up to the marketplace, if the comments make the ratings fall then take it off the air, but until then they should have asked Phil to apologize for the tone of his comments and made the usual network disassociation comments