Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has been in the news several times the past few weeks criticizing Bill Clinton, dredging up the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

The Lewinsky scandal was a blot on recent U.S. history, however it difficult to understand why Senator Paul will make it an issue. Is he trying to give Hillary Clinton a taste of what will happen should she run for president in 2016? Is he trying to tarnish the former first lady with guilt by association? Either one is possible; both are not very smart politically.

While she would be a disaster as president, Hillary Clinton was not fooling around with Monica Lewinsky; Hillary Clinton did not commit perjury.  Those are the sins of the Bubba. Hillary was seen as the “victimized wife.”

There are so many real things to blame Clinton for, Benghazi, how she destroyed any chance of Middle East peace talks, deteriorating relations with Europe, Russia, her entire record as Secretary of State displayed a lack of management skills on top of poor strategy.

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Ask people what her accomplishments as Secretary of State; they will get a migraine trying to find anything–attack Clinton on that.

Hillary Clinton does not want to run on her record, she has none.  The only thing she has to run on is her name recognition and quite honestly that she has “lady parts.” One of her platforms will be that she would be the first female president (should Al Franken run he could be the first Jewish president, that doesn’t mean people should vote for him either).

Every time Senator Paul brings up the Lewinsky scandal he creates new sympathy for Clinton.  Every time he brings it up it reinforces the incorrect meme that the GOP doesn’t like women. Every time he raises Bubba Clinton’s scandal it give her another opportunity to run on something besides her weak record.

Senator Paul has got to drop the Monica business.

As my friend Ed Morrissey points out, this was a losing issue when Bill Clinton was president.