Police officers are walking targets, these days. Because of a few bad apples, all get a bad name. In what world does that make sense? Isn’t that thinking a little backward? But what can you do?  Anti-cop lefties don’t know any other way. They are doxing cops, which means they are not only going after cops but their families also.

The New York Post reports:

High-ranking police officials nationwide — including members of the NYPD — have had their personal information posted online amid nationwide unrest over the police killing of George Floyd, the federal government is warning.

The officials have had their home addresses, emails and phone numbers published online, according to an unclassified intelligence document from the US Department of Homeland Security that was obtained by The Associated Press, which warns the information could inspire attacks from “violent opportunists or domestic violent extremists” or hamper law enforcement agents as they try to manage demonstrations.

(…) Unidentified brass in Washington, Atlanta, Boston and New York are among those whose information is being shared — including one who allegedly supported the use of tear gas on protesters, the document states.

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Fox adds the DHS document warned that “some cyber actors will probably continue to target law enforcement officers with doxing tactics to undermine law enforcement’s response to ongoing lawful protests.”

The note [from DHS] highlights a recent case of a social media user posting a photo containing the personal information of multiple law enforcement officials in Kentucky. That post included a caption that referenced an officer-involved shooting as well as a URL that directed users to a website containing personal information, including names, emails, phone numbers and home addresses.

(…)“Doxing of law enforcement personnel has been noted in previous incidents of heightened tensions following officer-involved deaths, and DHS assesses law enforcement personnel will continue to be targeted by this activity,” it says, citing previous doxing efforts in 2019 and in 2014 after protests in Ferguson.

Doxing is a disgusting practice that not only puts the target in danger but threatens anyone living in the same place as the target, such as their wife and kids. Doxing cops is worse as the target is someone who dedicated their lives to protecting their community, which in many cases includes the doxer.

Much of this post was first seen at Flag and Cross.