In January, the EPA announced their newest Woke product line that could be worth trillions of dollars to their EPA partners. However, the Deep State’s apparatchik failed to provide media coverage for their newest ENERGY STAR® “certified” money-making venture. The news blackout is because Samsung, a South Korean multinational corporation, had the first mass-marketed Smart Home Energy Management System to earn the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® certification, a joke with less credibility than FTX cryptocurrency.

This is why the Biden regime sent their most trusted bureaucrats to the World Economic Forum in Davos to peddle their pathetic Smart Grid product line. They kept Americans in the dark about the EPA’s newest crap sandwich. The Liars Club would have you believe the EPA’s ENERGY STAR ® brand has been providing simple, credible, and unbiased information about their products.

However, it can’t explain how this Smart Grid product saves energy and money and protects the climate. That is because the ecological and economic benefits claimed by the EPA aren’t real and can’t be verified. This isn’t a product purchased voluntarily by anyone. It must be mandated for use by everyone. It’s part of why the EPA’s Billionaires Club mandates that every public agency adopt Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies in their business practices. It allows them to erect barriers to compete against their brand.

Those ESG policies undermine American company’s and workers’ rights by requiring industry leaders to engage in Virtue Signaling activities or be driven out of business. This business/governance model claims to support equity, diversity, and inclusion but fails to explain how any company can compete against a private political club controlled by elites practicing their own form of Stakeholder Capitalism. American businesses can’t compete on a level playing field against large multinational corporations making billions of dollars from the “deemed” electrical energy-savings allegedly produced by EPA’s ENERGY STAR® “certified” products.

The EPA’s phony energy-savings claims date back decades when the Dept of Energy abandoned using real energy efficiency solutions to reduce GHG emissions in favor of making money off carbon-credit trading schemes based on imaginary energy-savings created under a corrupt federal policy known as Market Transformation. That policy is behind the Orwellian governance model that demands that you believe the EPA and UN business-driven enterprises provide credible and unbiased information about their products, or you will be labeled an enemy of the state. Which police state is unimportant, compliance is mandatory. Let’s consider why Fake News must censor these facts.

It started with President George H W Bush, the former CIA Director that created the ENERGY STAR program in 1992, which occurred in the same year the former UN Ambassador signed the USA onto the UN Agenda 21 Development Plan. The Texas oilman from Kennebunkport, Maine, set up the ENERGY STAR program that placed public/private partnerships in charge of the EPA’s transition to a Clean Energy Economy. Then, shadowy groups like the Energy Foundation were the gate-keepers for the money-making venture after a NASA employee presented a new climate theory about Global Warming. That theory replaced the old one about a coming Ice Age that had been the subject matter for many of the Doom’s Day prophets from the 1960s.

The Clinton Administration took full advantage of Bush’s vision for a New World Order, which had immediately initiated a new “fear porn” industry around the impending ecological disasters being predicted by UN diplomats. Those dedicated public servants sought salvation from Mother Gaia, the goddess of green-washing schemes. Bill Clinton took that new state religion to the next level by issuing an executive order that effectively mandated the use of ENERGY STAR by every sub-division of government from the local dog-catcher to the Pentagon. Only EPA-approved products and services were authorized to be purchased under our nation’s procurement process, which had raked up over $4 trillion in national debt. The EPA’s motto, “If it’s not ENERGY STAR, it’s not energy efficient,” ensured that no honest competition would ever be allowed against the EPA’s superior brand. Creating a form of Regulatory Capture over an annual marketplace worth hundreds of billions of dollars for existing energy-efficiency technologies by creating a Pay-To-Play scheme opened only Bush’s public/private partnerships without accountability or transparency.

This was when the government began to manipulate the very history of the EPA by re-imagining an entirely new historical account for the original creation of the EPA. Americans were told the EPA was formed to address pollution from environmental disasters like Love Canal, which required Super Fund levels of tax revenues to motivate bureaucrats to conduct those major clean-up jobs. But by 1992, bureaucrats began claiming that the EPA had grown out of the Earth Day celebrations from 1970. No credit was given to Congress for passing the Environmental Policy Act of 1969, which resulted in the creation of the EPA. A new delusional version of reality claimed that Earth Day had somehow inspired the formation of the EPA. The EPA went on to claim the first Earth Day may have been prompted, in part, by the recent moon landings. God only knows how the EPA managed to shoe-horn the NASA space program into an inspiration for Earth Day, then remove any mention of the fact their Super Fund and ENERGY STAR programs were designed to fight pollution. The EPA’s entire reputation had been built on fighting pollution, but apparently, that wasn’t nearly as sexy as playing the part of Social Justice warrior.

That began the new era of disinformation, in which the media could simply censor commonly known facts on law or policy, then insert their own interpretation of reality. That reality was fully displayed in January of 2023, when our FBI Director Christopher Wray went to Davos, Switzerland, to speak at a WEF conference called “In the Name of National Security.” He was urging even more collusion between corrupt government agencies and Big Tech, as Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm was caught secretly planning to ban gas stoves. Director Wray hadn’t traveled to Europe to investigate the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline sabotage, and his boss Joe Biden is the chief suspect in history’s single most significant act of Eco-terrorism. No, the FBI Director was there pimping for the EPA and telling fellow travelers how Virtue Signaling represented good green business. There appeared to be no concern about the wholesale violations of civil rights from the illegal spying operations conducted by the FBI under the Obama/Biden regime, outlined in a 99-page opinion by the FISA Court President. That targeting occurred as the EPA conducted its research into Smart Energy applications, which ended in an epic failure just like almost every other green program. Which were all buried by the media.

Before anybody gets to thinking that ENERGY STAR® “certified” Smart Grid system is packed full of NASA-inspired Earth Day science, they would want to take a closer look at the rocket scientist of the EPA. You’ll discover they look a lot like the Enron Earth Day crowd inspired by the California Energy Crisis of 2000-2001 to create Smart Grid products that provide all your EPA “certified” products while keeping a close eye on your Social Justice credit score.

Voters should not support politicians pushing for any part of the Green New Deal or anyone suggesting that Virtue Signaling is a component of National Security. Or, one day, your Smart Grid meter may downgrade your worth as a qualified voter, or worse.


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