oh Boy the global warming hoaxers are now claiming greenhouse gases are
going to cause an Ice Age.  What makes this claim so crazy is not just
that it is the opposite of how their little scam started, but the fact is
that real scientist are predicting a coming ice age, not because of
green house gasses but because of the Earth’s normal climate cycles. 

As fear mongered in America’s Blog:

work in the social sphere as well, in the sphere of confidence and
panic. As I’ll show you shortly, the first major (white) American city
to end its life forever following a Haiyan-sized hurricane — Miami, for
example — will cause a collapse in American confidence in the future
that will never return. That loss of confidence and the panic that will
result is a collapse as well, a discontinuity, fear the size of Ohio
breaking the population from its safe assumptions and presumed security.

Before we go on, allow me to point out that a study published in the July 2012 Journal of the American Meteorological Society concluded unequivocally there is no trend of stronger or more frequent storms: 

“We have identified considerable inter-annual variability in the
frequency of global hurricane landfalls,” the authors state, “but within
the resolution of the available data, our evidence does not support
the presence of significant long-period global or individual basin
linear trends for minor, major, or total hurricanes within the
period(s) covered by the available quality data.” 

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 Back to the fear mongering:

another discontinuity. The Gulf Stream, the warm-water current that
starts in the Gulf of Mexico and terminates in the Atlantic north of
Scotland, also has collapse potential. Because of the Gulf Stream,
northern Europe is moderate in climate. What if the Gulf Stream
collapses and stops warming Europe?

(…)So what would happen, do you think, if the Gulf Stream part of the global mid-ocean circulation stopped, was interrupted? 

is believed that this dynamic, sudden glaciation of Europe, happens as
a result of a global warming event that melts enough fresh-water ice in
the north Atlantic to desalinate (dilute the dense salt content of)
the surface part of the northern Gulf Stream. Because the surface
current is no longer heavier than the surrounding ocean, it fails to
sink when cooled. This causes the surface current to terminate further
south than before, never reaching Europe.

The Hoaxer ends by calling everyone a liar:

If this stuff concerns you, tell everyone you know that Zero Carbon Now
is the way out — and the only one. Education is our first task at this
point, since the other side is selling us hard the wrong way. ”Carbon
neutral” is just another trick for keeping David Koch in walking money.
Even “lying pantsuit lady” — the Exxon spokeswoman — probably knows
that. After all, she’s cashing those checks too; just smaller ones.

Now America blog may be right about the Ice Age, but wrong about the cause.

In August Irish solar expert Ian Elliott echoed other recent reports predicting that lower levels of sunspot activity over the next few years “indicates that we may be on the path to a new little ice age.”

all points to perhaps another little ice age,” he said. “It seems
likely we are going to enter a period of very low solar activity and
could mean we are in for very cold winters.”

Dr Habibullo Abdussamatov from the St. Petersburg Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory also says we are heading for a “Mini Ice Age.”

on observations made by English astronomer Walter Maunder, Dr
Abdussamatov, said he had found that the Earth cools and warms in a
200-year cycles.

The last big freeze known as the Little Ice Age was between 1650 and
1850 which he said coincided with Maunder’s findings that there had been
no sunspots between 1645 and 1715.

Writing in his blog, Abdussamatov said: “The last global decrease of
temperature (the most cold phase of the Little Ice Age) was observed not
only in Europe, North America and Greenland, but also in any other part
of the world during the Maunder minimum of sunspot activity and of the
total solar irradiance in 1645–1715 years.

Phil Chapman a geophysicist an astronautical engineer and a NASA astronaut, agrees.

as it may be to true believers in global warming, the average
temperature on Earth has remained steady or slowly declined during the
past decade, despite the continued increase in the atmospheric
concentration of carbon dioxide, and now the global temperature is
falling precipitously.

Then there are the researchers who say, the climate goes a bit crazy before each Ice Age.
Researchers took a look at
what happened to the climate just before the last major glacier
period, around 115,000 years ago and they found that there was a period
of extreme climate fluctuations. They suggest that the period of
global warming that plateaued over 17 years ago may just be one of
those pre-glacier heat waves.

It’s amazing how the
global warming hoaxers try and scare us.  First we were entering a
warming period that was going to result in NY City being under water. 
When that was proven wrong, they switched to major storms being caused
by climate change (as opposed to global warming). When that was proved
wrong, the earth is going to freeze.  Of course that claim may turn out
to be correct, but not because of climate change or global warming, but
because the Earth is long over due for an ice age.