The left has a new (and fake) boogie man in what they are claiming is ‘Trump’s Project 2025.’

First of all, there is no such thing as “Trump’s Project 2025.” Trump has absolutely nothing whatever to do with this conservative advocacy document.

Yes, it does exist. But it isn’t “Trump’s” anything. In fact, he’s come out a directly stated he has nothing to do with it and doesn’t even support some of the goals the group is advocating.

Project 2025 is a coalition of several conservative organizations that collaborated on a platform for what a conservative remaking of the federal government would look like. It was started by and is headed by three members of the Heritage Foundation, Paul Dans; Spencer Chretien; and Troup Hemingway.

Other longstanding conservative groups that belong to the coalition include America First Legal, the American Family Association, American Principles Project, Alliance Defending Freedom, Eagle Forum, The Heartland Institute, Hillsdale College, the Media Research Center, Turning Point USA, Young America’s Foundation, and a long list of others including many state policy groups.

There is nothing shady about it, nothing secret about it, and nothing all that outrageous about it. The group’s agenda is mostly predicated on a bunch of common, standard conservative ideas that are talked about by nearly every conservative.

Despite all that, slow witted leftists like hack actor Mark Hamill are pushing the left’s lies about all the evil things in the Project 2025 platform.

And most of the left-wing talking points really are just flat out lies.

So, Project 2025 posted a reply to the lies.

Do you want to know what those lies are?

Well, check it out:

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