Monday’s Wikileaks release found another example of the CNN commentator/DNC Chairwoman feeding debate questions to the Hillary Clinton camp. In this case it was the day before the CNN Democratic party debate on March 6th, 2016.


This question was asked by one of the audience questioners at the debate the next night

COOPER: We’re going to have a lot of time for that. We want to begin tonight with the people of Flint themselves. This is Mikki Wade, she’s a public housing program manager, and the mother of two kids. She says she’s currently undecided, and has a question that both of you will be able to weigh in on. Ms. Wade?

QUESTION: The water has impacted our lives in such a way that living comfortably in our home isn’t the same anymore. The constant drives to pick up water just so my children can wash their hair, to wash our fruits and vegetables, and to brush our teeth is incredibly difficult. Once the pipes are replaced, I’m not so sure I would be comfortable ever drinking the water.QUESTION: If elected president, what course will you take to regain my trust in the government?

COOPER: Secretary Clinton, we’ll begin with you.

CLINTON: Well Nikki, it’s a very fair question.

Your government at all levels have let you and your children and the people of Flint down. So I think that there are there several things. All the repair work that is being done — and Mayor Weaver program that we support to begin to help train people in Flint to be able to do this work to distribute the water. Everything that is done has to be triple checked to regain your trust and to hold those who are responsible for fixing the pipes and delivering the clean water which has you said, you bathe in it and drink it and wash food in it. You do everything with it.

Every one of us should have to run through in our minds how we use water every single day to understand the pressures and the real pain that families are going through. So I will make sure as President that I double and triple check. I will work with elected officials who I trust like your mayor and like your senators and member of Congress so that we can assure you that when it’s fixed, you can trust it. You deserve nothing less.

COOPER: Secretary Clinton, let me follow-up with that, he people here still wasn’t drink the water in their homes as you well know. They can’t bathe their kids in the water and they are desperate for accountability and specifics. As president can you give a specific about what you can do if you were president that would make Ms. Wade’s life better and life better for people here?

CLINTON: Well, I support what President Obama is doing. He called for and got accountability from the officials at the EPA to make sure the state is doing its job. He expanded Medicaid for helping kids particularly to get the health care they need. He is also ordered that there be a Head Start program. I support that.

When it comes to the water itself, we are supporting a program that Mayor Waver announced through Flint Waterworks to pay people in Flint, not outsiders, but people here to deliver the water while we are fixing the pipes. I would do even more of that. As president, what we were able to put together was a beginning. As president, I would concentrate resources on the city for economic development for more jobs as we fix the water and provide the health and education, interventions that children need

I wonder what Brazile would say to Megyn Kelly this time, at the very least I would love to be a fly on the wall when debate moderator Anderson Cooper approaches Donna Brazile about her unprofessional behavior. CNN should boot her arse out of their newsroom.

UPDATE: CNN claims that Donna Brazile left the network on October two weeks ago:

“On October 14th, CNN accepted Donna Brazile’s resignation as a CNN contributor. (Her deal had previously been suspended in July when she became the interim head of the DNC.) CNN never gave Brazile access to any questions, prep material, attendee list, background information or meetings in advance of a town hall or debate. We are completely uncomfortable with what we have learned about her interactions with the Clinton campaign while she was a CNN contributor.”