And so it happened, a convention that started with a floor fight ended with unity.  Well, not total unity but pretty darn close. My assigned spot in section 120 was right above the very pro-Cruz Texas delegation. As Donald Trump spoke even pro-Cruz Texas was cheering. But it wasn’t just Texas, as the delegates streamed out of the Quicken Loans Arena Thursday evening there was amazement in their voices.

“I can’t believe he was that good!”

“He blew me away”

“Oh my God he nailed it!”

As the chattering throng passed by those comments and others like it could be overheard, each wave of people from a different delegation and speaking with a slightly different accent. This was the real GOP base, not the elite snobs who look down on the “regular people,” they stayed away from the convention.  It is this  Republican base who agrees with Trump on issues as immigration, trade and entitlements.

The final night of the convention did its job, it motivated the party faithful to rally around their candidate and get to work electing Donald Trump the next POTUS

Donald Trump

The mainstream media is trying to give you a cartoonish version of last night’s address, they’re saying Thursday’s speech was dark in tone. “Nixonian” some of them called the text of the speech when it was leaked to the press Thursday afternoon.

Of course the speech was dark in tone, the mood of Americans is dark in tone. A Rasmussen poll released this past Monday reported that 72% of likely American voters felt that the country was going in the wrong direction. These are the Americans whose income stagnated under eight years of Barack Obama. Regular Americans are concerned about the growing number of terrorist attacks on our home turf, and are horrified by attacks on law enforcement officers incited by hateful rhetoric by groups such as Black Lives Matter. That’s who Trump was talking to, not the liberal TV talking heads, living in their gated liberal communities. These liberals who believe that any fecal matter that comes from a Democratic candidate is going to smell like beautiful roses.

revolutionary couple

They are the same liberal media who predicted that the gathering in Cleveland would be the first scene of a horrible disaster movie.  They were wrong about that, and they are wrong about Trump’s speech.

In his speech Donald Trump hit upon all the issues that frustrate the average American. The frustration which raised the anger that not only brought Trump to victory, but made Bernie Sanders a much bigger threat to Clinton than he was supposed to be.

These are the forgotten men and women of our country. People who work hard but no longer have a voice. I am your voice.

Those three sentences were something the liberal press could never understand, because they don’t understand the public, nor do they fulfill their role as being the voice of the public. But they were sentences middle America understood.

Trump had an inclusive vision, yes he talked about protecting the LGBT, but he also spoke of compassion:

We are going to be considerate and compassionate to everyone.

But my greatest compassion will be for our own struggling citizens.

Thursday night we saw Donald Trump being Donald Trump (without the crazy ad libs that get him in trouble). He described a dark America facing issues, but he also described how he will bring back the light. Most importantly he didn’t speak not only to the rich and the politically connected, but he promised to concentrate his efforts toward the “regular people.”

My opponent asks her supporters to recite a three-word loyalty pledge. It reads, ‘I’m with her.’ I choose to recite a different pledge: ‘I’m with you, the American people.’

And the best part of all, the ballon drop worked.

Donald Trump