A holy war erupted today between Pope Francis and Donald Trump as  the Pope suggested that Trump was not a good Christian. The Donald snapped back that when the Vatican is attacked by ISIS they will wish he was in charge and that the Pope was a pawn of the Mexicans.

Back on his plane to head back to Rome at the end of his Mexico visit a reporter asked the Pontiff about Trump. His answer was,  “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian.”

These words may have been a response to Trumps comments on Fox Business Network last week, Trump said he didn’t think the pope “understands the danger of the open border we have with Mexico. And I think Mexico got him to do it because Mexico wants to keep the border just the way it is because they’re making a fortune and we’re losing.”

Not willing to let any attack go without retribution, Donald slammed the Pope, but carefully, reading from a prepared statement so he doesn’t cross the line (well by his standards).


BTW this is the same Donald Trump who questioned Ben Carson’s Seventh-day Adventist faith.

One of the best responses to this holy war came from Dave Weigel:

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Will this hurt Trump? Come on get real!  First of all the next primary is in South Carolina, not a big Catholic state, approximately 60% evangelicals. The Pope has little sway amongst evangelicals. Even if he did it wouldn’t matter.  Trump could be caught in bed with a dead hooker and a live little boy and his supporters would still kiss the very ground he walks on.

In the end I feel bad for the Pope Francis, I don’t know if he realizes the hatred he has unleashed against himself.  The Trump supporters have probably unleashed a barrage of condescending, nasty, and/or cussing-filled tweets at the Pope’s twitter feed.  It will go on for days.

Please note: there is no Truth to the rumor that Donald Trump is threatening to sue the Pope claiming that he is not a natural born Catholic.