Loretta Fuddy was the director of Hawaii’s Department of Health who was the official who verified and approved the release of President Obama’s birth certificate. At the time many people thought her actions would retire the birther idiocy forever.  It didn’t.

Sadly Ms Fuddy died in a small plane crash off the coast of the Hawaiian island Molokai on Wednesday.Early reports indicate that the plane, a 2002 Cessna Grand Caravan, suffered catastrophic engine failure.

In the water, Fuddy held hands with deputy director Keith Yamamoto as he tried to help her relax, said the Rev. Patrick Killilea, who consoled Yamamoto after the ordeal.

“He recounted how he said he helped Loretta into her life jacket and he held her hand for some time,” the priest said. “They were all floating together and she let go and there was no response from her.”

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Ever the self-promoter, Donald Trump suggested that there was something sinister about the crash.

OH PLEASE! How can someone smart enough to create a real estate empire be dumb enough to indulge in a conspiracy theory about a conspiracy theory.

Come on Donald You claim to be a Republican every time you bring up this nonsense you hurt the GOP. If I were President Obama and there were no birther movement, I would invent one.
It destroys the credibility of anyone who talks about it. To moderates
and liberals, the birther movement is the right-wing equivalent of
those drooling liberals who were calling the 2000 election stolen,
years after the election was over.

Not only has Obama been proven to be American born many times over, the only person helped by the whole business is Barack Obama.
Every time a Republican brings up the birther nonsense it makes the
rest of the GOP look stupid by association.  Not only has the birther
argument  been proven wrong many times over,
it takes attention from the real winnable arguments, such as Obama is a
failed President.

The birthers can never explain that Barack Obama’s birth announcements that ran in
local Hawaiian newspapers soon after he was born.  For those to be fake, Obama’s mom would
have to have seen into the future, known he was going to run for
president, and planted those announcements in 1961.

only other explanation was that someone at the DNC performed one of
those Star Trek maneuvers, when they fly toward the sun to pick up
speed, circle the sun and come back in the past, like they did in Star
Trek IV with the Klingon Bird-of-Prey.

Since neither mother/seer or the  Klingon Bird-of-Prey are rational explanations I will to reject the birther movement until
someone comes up with convincing evidence of time travel (I would even accept it if Trump can build a working Klingon Ship as long as
the cloaking device works

For those of you who don’t believe that Obama is American born, just look at
it a different way, as Andrew Brietbart, told Joseph Farrah during a Tea Party Convention in 2010, it is not a winning issue.  Just like the
lugnuts who are still counting chads a decade after George Bush
defeated Al Gore, its not an argument one can win.  Besides if the birther
thing was true,  Joe Biden, the SCHMOTUS would have let is slip it out
years ago.

The only one served by the Birther movement is Barack Obama,
because it gives him and his cronies the opportunity to dismiss the
entire lot of us. Barack Obama may
not be our kind of American, but he is a natural-born American never-the-less. 
Lets fight against Obamacare, that is an issue we have a chance of winning.

Come on Mr. Trump, drop the birther thing, or start calling yourself a Democrat because all you are doing is hurting the chances of the GOP winning elections.