Well the billionaire bloviator of birtherism has returned to his roots. Donald Trump told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Thursday that  he’s still not convinced President Obama was born in America, but that he’s not interested in rehashing the issue.

“I don’t know. I really don’t know,” the 2016 Republican presidential candidate told CNN when asked on Thursday. “I don’t know why he wouldn’t release his records.” Trump insisted he doesn’t want that debate to define his candidacy, though.

So if he didn’t want it to define his candidacy, why does he insist on believing that crazy story.
“Honestly, I don’t want to get into it,” he said. “I’m about jobs, I’m about the military, I’m about doing the right thing for this country.” Sure: Jobs, military and stupid discredited moon-bat theories

in 2011 Obama released his long-form birth certificate. Trump, took credit for the release at the time, saying he was “very proud” of himself.

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The problem with the birther nonsense is that the birthers can never explain how Barack Obama’s birth announcements that ran in local Hawaiian newspapers soon after he was born.  For those to be fake, Obama’s mom would have to have seen into the future, known he was going to run for president, and planted those announcements in 1961.

The only other explanation for Obama to have been born outside the country despite the birth announcement is that someone at the DNC performed one of those Star Trek maneuvers, when they fly toward the sun to pick up speed, circle the sun and come back in the past, like they did in Star Trek IV with the Klingon Bird-of-Prey.

Since neither mother/seer or the  Klingon Bird-of-Prey are rational explanations I will to reject the birther movement until someone comes up with convincing evidence of time travel (I would even accept it if Trump can build a working Klingon Ship as long as the cloaking device works).

Should Trump not be able to produce the Bird-of-Prey perhaps he should start wearing a tin foil hat.