Don Lemon drunk casting

CNN tweeted out a “breaking” news item recently, but as it turns out, it wasn’t true. (There’s a surprise.) But there are worse things that could happen, like maybe… of its anchors acting very drunk on air.

But before that, they claimed that in response to U.S. sanctions, Russian officials closed the Anglo-American School of Moscow.

CNN also mentioned the alleged closure in an article about Obama’s announcement of sanctions against Russia.  “The order also closes access to the US embassy vacation house in Serebryany Bor, near Moscow.”

It wasn’t until Friday that Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Maria Zakharova chimed in on Facebook and stated that the report was a lie.

But on-air fake news isn’t the worst thing to happen on the Communist News Network also known as CNN. After all, if it didn’t tell incorrect stories, the network would show nothing but a blank screen. But CNN does have has a fun New Year’s Eve tradition. Don Lemon drunk off his arse while on-air. The technical term for it is Don Lemon drunk casting.


Personally, I think we should give the Clinton News Network a break for the on-air news lies.

After all, it’s not like one of their on-air personalities got drunk on New Year’s Eve, had his ear pierced on-air, then started to drunk-complain about 2016 to the extent that the Network had to shut off his microphone. Then about 20 minutes later that same was back on the air, promising that he would not be “as self-centered” in 2017, and that “Yeah, I’m lit. Who cares? Just before he proposed to his on-air partner.  Now that would be really bad wouldn’t it?

Oh, wait…