The Declaration of Independence asserts that all men “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  Sadly, 240 years later, we are learning that the “life” part is no longer of value.  On Sunday, Hillary Clinton announced that children who were still in their mother’s womb had no rights.   That announcement overshadowed another example of someone unconcerned about the value of life. This one was about harming people near the end of their life. It comes from Frisco, Texas where the FBI has released an affidavit claiming he owner of a hospice was ordering nurses to give patients overdoses to hasten their deaths, so he can make larger profits.


Per the FBI, 34 year-old Brad Harris, who founded the Hospice, Novus Health Care Services in July 2012,  “has been under investigation since October 2014 for allegedly recruiting patients ‘who did not qualify for services’ in order to bill the government for services that were not medically necessary.”

A search warrant for emails and electronic documents was executed by the FBI in early February and turned up examples where the FBI believes Mr. Harris ordered the overdoses.

One incident released by the FBI had Harris ordering “a nurse to administer overdoses to three patients and directed another employee to increase a patient’s medication to four-times the maximum allowed, the FBI said. He allegedly sent text messages like, ‘You need to make this patient go bye-bye.‘” The nurse refused.

Speaking of one of his patients, Harris said “words to the effect of, ‘If this f— would just die.’”

Another Norvus employee told agents that in late 2013, Harris sent a text message asking the worker to “administer an overdose of medication to a hospice patient … by increasing the patient’s medication dosage to approximately four times the maximum allowed.”

The employee did not comply with the request because it would have killed the patient, the FBI said.

This in no way excuses Harris’ actions but the federal government encourages this kind of behavior by making sure the the quicker the patient dies, the more the hospice makes:

To control the greed and the accompanying costs, the federal government imposes an annual “aggregate” cap for hospice care of $27,820.75 per Medicaid/Medicare patient.

But a hospice might bill much more than that for a lingering patient while counting on billing less for somebody who comes in and quickly expires. The FBI reports that Harris spoke of wanting to “find patients who would die within 24 hours.”

The problem business-wise comes if too many patients hang on for too long. The hospice exceeds the cap.

Then comes a greedster’s nightmare. The hospice is required to pay back whatever it has billed over the  limit.

One employee told the FBI that it was Mr. Harris who decided who would be allowed to be moved from home care to hospice, and which patients would be sent back home:

“He did this by having employees who were not doctors sign the certifications with the names of doctors also employed by Novus,” the agent said. “If a patient was on hospice care for too long, Harris would direct the patient be moved back to home health, irrespective of whether the patient needed continued hospice care.”

Harris made those decisions despite the fact that he had no medical training.

If proven to be true in a court of law, the actions of Novus Health Care Services were despicable. Keep in mind, however, that, at times, putting a price on the value of a life is condoned by a U.S. government, since it funds Planned Parenthood which practices infanticide and then sells the baby parts as proven by the CMP videos. O,r a government which created an Obamacare which empowers an “unelected, unaccountable” panel of bureaucrats called the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), whose purpose is to put a value on life:

The IPAB is essentially a health-care rationing body. By setting doctor reimbursement rates for Medicare and determining which procedures and drugs will be covered and at what price, the IPAB will be able to stop certain treatments its members do not favor by simply setting rates to levels where no doctor or hospital will perform them.

Thomas Jefferson was correct when he wrote in our founding document that our rights of  “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” are granted from our maker. Unfortunately, with the government acting as their example, some people are trying to take those rights away.

Below is the report on Novus Health Care Services which ran on the NBC affiliate in Dallas, Texas: