This is just the latest example of how the presumptive Democratic Party nominee for president doesn’t give a rats arse about sensitive information.

Based on the result of winning another FIOA case,  Judicial Watch received more than 50 emails, many marked “sensitive,”  revealing the internal State Department debate about the use of Blackberries byMs. Clinton and her Staff. The debate included a 2009 internal memo from the Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security that warned of “vulnerabilities and risks” of Blackberries in executive suites.

And of course we know from the famous pictures like the one above, not only did Ms. Clinton ignore the warning by using her Blackberry in the executive offices, but she used it outside the friendly confines of “Foggy Bottom” also (back in August it was revealed that like her email, Hillary’s Blackberry was not secured).

The key document is a March 2, 2009, internal memorandum from Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security Eric Boswell (page 3 of the embedded docs below) entitled, “Use of Blackberries on Mahogany Row [govt. slang for the senior executive floor]”

In that March 2009 memo, Boswell strongly advised that blackberry devices not be allowed, especially for senior staff. Sent to Clinton and her Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, the memo explains “the vulnerabilities and risks associated with the use of Blackberries in Mahogany Row considerably outweigh their convenience.”

It all began with a February 9th email from an unidentified source to State Department Director of the Office of Physical Security Programs Gentry Smith and Senior Coordinator for Security Infrastructure, Bureau of Diplomatic Security Donald Reid, the debate ensued.

The sender (whose name was redacted) advised:

“I wanted to share with you, back channel, a little insight into current thinking in the Secretary’s inner circle on technology issues…” That same day, Mr. Reid responded by acknowledging the “vulnerabilities of portable devices” and saying he would expand the discussion to include Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills who wanted “to correct urban myths… re other agencies.” Reid did not clarify what “urban myths” Mills apparently wanted to clear up.

Two weeks later on February 25, Reid sent an email urging that the memo be expanded:

The memo is longish with atch, but I also wonder I it wouldn’t be instructive to include a short paragraph that summarizes the security sins of the past, the reaction on the Hi , the impact of security on career Ambassadorial appointments, etc …

When Boswell’s internal memo issued twelve days later strongly warned of the security risks involved in the use of Blackberries by Clinton and her staff:

Our review reaffirms our belief that the vulnerabilities and risks associated with the use of Blackberries in the Mahogany Row [REDACTED] considerably outweigh the convenience their use can add to staff that have access to the classified OpenNet system on their desktops. [RECACTED] We also worry about the example that using Blackberries in Mahogany Row might set as we strive to promote crucial security practices and enforce important security standards among State Department staff.

(…) I cannot stress too strongly, however, that any unclassified Blackberry is highly vulnerable in any setting to remotely and covertly monitoring conversations, retrieving e-mails, and exploiting calendars.

Before Clinton supporters try and claim she didn’t know about the Boswell’s memo, nine days later on March 11th, there is an email which reads

“After this mornings ‘management meeting’ with the A/Secys, Secretary Clinton approached Ambassador Boswell [United States Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security] and mentioned that she had read the IM and that she ‘gets it.’ Her attention was drawn to the sentence that indicates we (DS) have intelligence concerning the vulnerability during her recent trip to Asia.”  [Emphasis in original]

Folks now put warnings explained above, on top of the revelations about Ms. Clinton’s email servers. After putting aside the obvious lies and excuses she has made since about her severs began to leak out for a different discussion ponder this,  If Hillary Clinton took such a cavalier attitude to our nation’s secrets as Secretary of State, even after being warned, what makes one think she would be any different if she sat in the Oval Office and had access to even more secrets?