Why DEI policies are needed to advance green initiatives today that no sound business would ever adopt. It’s because these initiatives are not founded on known law but on the tender feelings of bureaucrats.




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Did the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion business policies originate from the Cluster Industries created by the Prosperity Partnership of Puget Sound back in 2004?

To answer that question would require understanding the reasons for the omission of truth about a shady Regional Economic Agenda as much as any manipulation of fact. Trusted news outlets are notorious for suppressing news reports, and this State-Owned Enterprise needed to keep it secret because the status of its next leader was in question.

Any honest reporting on our national energy policies could have jeopardized the entire mission for a secret new Regional Economic Strategy. Current DEI policies may have begun shortly after Washington State voters had apparently selected the wrong candidate for the office of Governor, a Republican underdog named Dino Rossi. Voters were under the mistaken belief that Dino Rossi had won the election held on November 2, 2004, and a recount of that vote tally. But that would have denied a group of elite citizens the right to have Attorney General Christine Gregoire as their supreme leader in Washington State.

The initial election results were overturned after Democrats put up $750,000 for a second recount where election officials managed to locate enough missing ballots to give Gregoire a lead of some 135 votes over Rossi. That convinced a Washington State judge to declare that Gregoire was the actual winner, and on June 5, 2005, made it all legal.

Progressives declared this was a glorious victory, despite widespread claims of ballot fraud, dead voters, and allegations of illegal voters. At the same time, many people still refer to Gregoire’s historic victory as one of the most corrupt elections in US history. Unfortunately for those citizens, the media had engaged in a classic case of misdirection, similar to when they colluded with Big Tech and the Deep State to bury the Hunter Biden laptop story about his business dealings from when his father was the Vice President.

What the Liars Club had to hide in 2004 were multiple corrupt economic initiatives that were being used to erect barriers to all honest business competition. The American people had to be kept in the dark about the economic agenda of the WTO because no lawyer could have been so utterly incompetent as to have missed the illegal nature of the public/private partnerships to promote UN business-driven activity that were sinkholes for US tax revenues. If you think the media and Big Tech suppression of the Biden Family Business was terrible, maybe you should consider what occurred before the 2004 election, when a court elevated the state Attorney General to the state’s highest office. It will help you better understand why DEI policies are needed to advance green initiatives today that no sound business would ever adopt. It’s because these initiatives are not founded on known law but on the tender feelings of bureaucrats.

If you hadn’t received a personal invitation to the inaugural Prosperity Partnership event at Qwest Stadium on November 19, you would have no idea why Progressive leaders were so desperate to get a court to correct the outcome of the November 2nd election for the subsequent state Governors. That was when the term equity came into play, as Democrat lawyers claimed that no election could ever be decided unless every last ballot was counted. It was the inclusion of dead people and illegal voters that supplied the diverse group of political activists that swung elections.

So the elites needed to create DEI policies to suppress that fact by claiming that criticism made bureaucrats feel sad and harmful to their business. The apparatchik couldn’t allow the peasants to know about their secret new NW Regional Economic Agenda because the little people could never understand how Cluster Industries were to provide such tremendous prosperity to so few in a new Clean Energy Economy. This is to say, the media couldn’t explain that agenda in any way that made sense to anyone beyond the radical professors in the Ivory Towers of academia.

When Governor Locke addressed 1,100 of the region’s top state bureaucrats, business and labor leaders, economic development councils, tribes, ports, and many other political insiders, he was speaking about policy initiatives involving Cluster Industries that his own Department of Community, Economic, and Development had been planning for many years already. Governor Locke had failed to disclose that his group of industry experts, scientists, venture capitalists, and government officials that had been placed in charge of his Cluster Industry strategy were also his political business partners that were providing the science for the Smart Energy policies based on failed Dept of Energy energy policies of the past. Those utterly failed policies had already been declared successful by the media. They buried an even larger corrupt initiative called the West Coast Governors Global Warming Pact, which Governor Locke had secretly signed onto a year earlier. It also needed to be kept secret to protect AG Gregoire.

As the WA State AG, Christine Gregoire had to know about the secret West Coast Governor Global Warming Pact and the source behind the bogus science the Prosperity Partnership’s agenda relied on for their green Cluster Industries. Gregoire had been appointed the Director of the Washington Department of Ecology by Governor Booth Gardner, heir to the Weyerhaeuser timber fortune that had placed a child-protection lawyer for the state in charge of the massive EPA Super Fund clean-up of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. Dirty dealings in green schemes had been a long tradition in the Evergreen State. Most had been run out of the Emerald City by media-connected non-profit groups.

The Hanford clean-up became the largest Super Fund project in history, which was also the site for the one nuclear power plant built by an Off-Budget-Enterprise called Washington Public Power Supply System (WPPSS), which resulted in the largest bond default in history. The WPPSS venture had Public Utility Districts and Investor-Owned utilities teaming up in a scheme to profit from building nuclear power plants in the Pacific NW that burned investors and rate-payers for billions of dollars when it was discovered that incompetent WPPSS managers lacking in practical experience had been placed in charge of that money-losing initiative, that eventually defaulted on bonds totaling $2.5 billion. The disgraced Off-Budget-Enterprise, WPPSS, was later renamed Energy Northwest in November 1992. Gregoire campaigned to become the state Attorney General, making her the top lawyer in the state during the California Energy Crisis of 2000-2001 that drove up electric rates on the West Coast by 50%. Suppose you have never heard of the California Energy Crisis. In that case, authorities stood idle for two years as utility bosses used “Power Trades” and “Fiber Swaps” that manipulated West Coast electrical markets. Only to have the media pretend it was related to Global Warming.

The Liars Club knew that voters would have gone ballistic had they ever learned about the newest scheme conducted by the Enron Earth Day crowd two weeks before Governor Gray Davis was removed from office by a Recall petition. Media censors may have made Gregoire the defacto leader of the Prosperity Partnership, but that Regional Economic Agenda became the real money-maker for the Globalist. Political leaders then applied Orwellian logic to make it appear that their version of new-age commerce was open and transparent. In reality, only their comrades that fully embraced the Rules For Radicals business model were allowed to prosper under a form of Natural Capitalism. Which savvy entrepreneurs in government partnerships would swear; It’s for the Children!