In its editorial column today,The Wrong Partner in Israel the NY Times bashes Olmert for expanding the coalition by including Avigdor Lieberman. The Times fears that this will only hurt the “peace process”. They talk about losing hope that both sides could be motivated to move toward compromise. Kind of makes you wonder if the Times editors ever read a newspaper or watch the news on TV. Wake up and smell the Kasha! WHAT PEACE PROCESS? ONLY ONE SIDE HAS MOVED TOWARD COMPROMISE! Every time Israel has made peace gestures she has been slapped in the face. Remember Oslo? Remember disengagement? Tell me one peace gesture made by the PLO? Abbas the moderate? Has he moved to stop terror, or has he been more like the terrorist Arafat, talking peace only on one side of his face. Palestinian textbooks still call for killing Jews? Palestinian Clerics still call for the destruction of Israel? We are still the infidels and pigs (or is it monkeys I forget)

I am tired of hearing about those poor Palestinians that are suffering because of the lack of western aid since they elected the Terrorist group Hamas to lead them. There is an old saying “if you sleep on a bale of hay you will wake up all itchy” In the past election Israel voted for a “peace process” by electing Kadima. The Palestinian people responded by voting for violence by electing Hamas.

And about that Aid…Why doesn’t some of the Arab nations fork over some of that oil money to get them out of the Hamas jam? I tell you why, because they are more afraid of the Islamic terrorists than the western world. After all the terrorists just want to kill us, but for nations like Saudi Arabia and Egypt its worse, the islamofacists want to take over their seat of government.

Would you expect the NY Times editorial staff to be grounded in any sort of reality? This is the paper that during WWII hid news about the Holocaust on page 40. To this day they continue to support fascism and the terrorist cause by outing US anti-terrorist secrets and maintaining their support for Palestinian terrorists.

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Update: Do you think that the NY Times will call this another blow to the Peace process by Israel?

By Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent
The Shin Bet foiled an attempt early this week by Palestinian militants to smuggle six kilograms of military-grade explosives from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank.
Shin Bet forces, working off intelligence communications, intercepted a cargo containing TNT-based explosives at the Karni crossing. The explosives were headed for the West Bank town of Tul Karm.
Three Israeli Arab taxi drivers, who were allegedly expected to take the shipment to the West Bank, were detained for questioning and released, after the Shin Bet accepted their version of the events, according to which they were unaware of the nature of the goods in the shipment.
A Palestinian resident of Tul Karm who is suspected of arranging to receive the explosives from the drivers was also arrested.
The Israel Defense Forces on Tuesday completed a six-day operation pinpointing tunnels for arms smuggling along the Philadelphi Route in the southern Gaza Strip. IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz said Tuesday that forces had located entrances to 15 tunnels along the border and estimated the presence of at least one hundred more.
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