What happens if they throw a party and nobody comes? If the key draw is the vice president of the United States, it’s pretty embarrassing.

It is no surprise that enthusiasm surrounding the Biden administration has been abysmal, to say the least, and that appears to be an issue across the board. In fact, a healthy disdain for our country’s direction may be the only genuinely bipartisan ideology we Americans can share with one another.

Biden’s VP cackling Kamala is less popular than the POTUS. During her party’s 2020 primary season, she received less than 1% of the vote.

Harris has been even more unpopular of late.

Harris’s polling numbers are worse than President Joe Biden’s. Only 28 percent approve of Harris, while 62 percent disapprove. In contrast, Biden’s approval rating is 33 percent with 56 percent disapproving.

The 28% who approve of the Border Czar and the 33% who approve of Biden need professional mental help.

But It’s not just the poor approval ratings that demonstrate this either (and they are indeed very poor).

No, we can also point to the fact that the DNC can’t seem to get enough folks to even eat dinner with the Vice President to make it worth their while. It could be that cackling makes people lose their appetite.

The Democrat National Committee (DNC) reportedly had to reschedule its Woman’s Leadership Forum fundraiser on May 25 and 26 with Vice President Kamala Harris for lack of ticket sales.

“The event was rescheduled last minute for the autumn, when the event is traditionally held, after the event couldn’t sell enough tickets,” Status Coup News reported. “When the invites were sent out on May 5, it was hyped as an incredible opportunity to mingle in person after two years of virtual events and meetings.”

If they wanted to sell more tickets, they should have left out the part of the invites where they said Kamala Harris going to the event.

The Democratic Party has essentially begun to turn away from the idea that Biden and Harris should run for reelection in 2024. This trend prompted the White House to speak out and reiterate that this is precisely their plan. If Biden decides not to run (dear God, please!), Kamala will not get party support to replace him.

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