The Democrats have a really disgusting habit of cheapening the memory of the Holocaust by comparing every bad thing that happens in the world (and every political opponent) to Hitler’s destruction of the Jews.  Two weeks ago it was James Clyburn calling conservative bloggers Hitler-like, last night it was DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz invoking the Holocaust to support Obama’s actions in Syria:

Tonight, she kicked it up a notch in an interview on CNN with Wolf Blitzer, where she invoked the Holocaust. Wasserman Schultz noted that her Weston-to-Miami Beach District has one of the largest Holocaust-survivor populations in the nation.

“As a Jew,” she said, “the concept of ‘never again’ has to mean something.” She also noted the “searing images” of children killed in what appears to have been a chemical-weapons strike

The Syrian action was horrible, it killed 1400+ people, over 600 of them kids.  But it pales in comparison to the Holocaust which killed 6 million Jews (1.5 million of them kids) and 16+ million others. Comparing the Syrian gassing to the Shoah (the term Jews use for the Holocaust) it’s like comparing a mosquito bite to open heart surgery.

With her inappropriate comparison of the Syrian gas attack to the Holocaust the DNC Chair is watering down the memory of what Hitler did to many of her constituents and so many others.

As far as her comment about being a Jew, while ultimately that is between Ms Shultz and God, she doesn’t appear to be a Jew when she speaks in public.

Every year I hear Ms. Shultz’s voice on XM Radio’s Radio Hanukkah. She
talks about the meaning of Chanukah being brotherhood and tolerance.
That she celebrates the holiday by going over her best friend’s house
with her husband and kids to help celebrate Christmas. While there is
nothing wrong with stopping by a friends house during their holiday, a
Jewish leader would not call that celebrating the holiday, especially
because a big part of the Hanukkah story was a civil war between the
Jews over the assimilation of part of the Jewish
community.  For a Jewish Leader to say they celebrate Hanukkah by
celebrating Christmas is just meshugge (if you don’t know that one you
simply aren’t American).

When the Democrats lost Anthony Weiner’s seat, Shultz’s excuse was it
didn’t represent Jewish dissatisfaction with Obama, it was only those
Orthodox Jews who voted against the Democrats. The implication was that
the Orthodox who tend to be more conservative, were not really American Jews.

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is already out
with the party line: These were just Orthodox Jews, not the mainline,
Democrat-supporting, population.

That drew an irritated email to me from a non-partisan Orthodox leader this morning.

“Of course the DNC chair has to downplay the NY9 result, that’s her job.
But you would think that she would do so in a way that’s about politics
by addition rather than subtraction. Chair Wasserman Schultz seems to
be suggesting the Democrats should write off Orthodox Jews, rather than
reach out – which is rather surprising since she has a sizable Orthodox
community in her own Florida district,” he said.

I am not saying that the DNC leader is not a good Jew. Honestly that is
between her and God, just as the question of whether I am a good Jew is
between me and the Lord. But for her to say she is making her political statement’s as a Jew is nonsense. The Congresswoman is an American leader
and she is Jewish but she neither knows enough about her own people, nor cares about her religion enough to make accurate statements in public to say she is speaking as a Jew.

No Rep. Wasserman Schultz, when you compared the horrible use of chemical weapons in Syria to the Holocaust you were not speaking as a Jew, you were speaking as a partisan supporter of President Obama, and not a very bright one either.