Folks, I hate to admit it but I was wrong about DNC Chair, Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. I have always said that the Schultz, who was Comedian Ron White’s inspiration for his catch phrase, “you can’t fix stupid,”was so dumb that she could not string two sentences together.  But in an article posted on the liberal website Politico  she strung together a few paragraphs and for that I am very proud of little Debbie.

Of course those paragraphs had very little to do with reality, but that may be a little much to ask from the woman who once told XM Radio’s Chanukah channel that she celebrates this Jewish holiday which is all about rejecting assimilation, by going over to a friend’s house and celebrating Christmas.

Not surprising is the fact that Schultz’s article was a “hit piece” on the Republican party. Also not surprising is the fact most of her contentions are pure fantasy.

President Barack Obama is offering middle-class Americans sensible bipartisan solutions to help get the economy moving again, as the Republican presidential field continues pandering to the most extreme elements of its party in the important early primary and caucus states.

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The president is hard at work pushing Republicans in Congress to take action on the American Jobs Act — and taking bold action when Congress won’t, while Republican candidates are joining Karl Rove and David and Charles Koch in spending millions of dollars in the early states to distort the truth.

The message from the president is clear: The American people can’t wait for a dysfunctional and hyperpartisan Republican Party in Congress to act.

Last week, he spoke to the American people about bold steps the administration is taking to overcome Republican obstructionism in Congress. He highlighted two major hurdles facing the American people and ways the administration is working to overcome them.

 I can’t figure out what this one is about.  The “jobs act” has more to do with Obama pandering to his progressive base and the Unions than the middle class.  If you remember just before he introduced the bill, his base was screaming at the POTUS that he never stands up to Congressional Republicans.  The entire purpose of this collection of proposals of regurgitated failed progressive programs is to give the President an opportunity to “stand up” to the opposition. He is making Congressional Republicans his political opponent to avoid running on his sorry record in his attempt to be reelected.

Her contention that the GOP is taking a partisan stance and rejecting the President’s bill simply so they can campaign against him is wrong on two points.  First of all it is Obama who followed up the presentation of his bill to congress with campaign trips to swing states (funded with our tax dollars).  The only explanation for her comment is that she thinks all African-Americans look alike and she thinks the President is really Herman Cain.  But that can’t be it because she doesn’t confuse Obama with American hero Lieutenant Colonel Allen West, a Congressman from Florida. Obama she praises, the hero she slanders.

Schultz totally buys in to the fantasy that Obama is spreading during his campaign trips on the public dole. She is claiming that it is the GOP blocking the President’s plan.  The DNC Chair fails to notice the only good thing about the Obama Jobs bill, for the first time since he was elected President, we have Congressional bipartisanship. Members from both parties disagree with the bill. Of course that is beyond the comprehension of the woman Forrest Gump was talking about in the 1994 movie when he said “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Allow me for a moment to inject a word about “hyper-partisanship” as Schultz calls it. The week before Obama unveiled his proposal, Speaker Boehner requested a meeting with the President with the hopes of working together to arrive at a jobs plan. The request was rejected then and two months after the request, the Speaker’s offer is still ignored. That doesn’t seem very bipartisan to me. Perhaps that concept was that was simply over-the-head of a woman who, back in August appeared on the TV show of a man who incited two anti-Semitic pogroms and said with a straight face, “We’ve really begun to turn the economy around.”

 Most of America is still waiting for that turn around. Ms Schultz though, believes t

In Las Vegas, the president outlined a plan to make it easier for some homeowners to refinance their mortgages. The Federal Housing Finance Agency, directed by him, announced a set of steps to knock down barriers to help responsible borrowers with little or no equity in their homes take advantage of low mortgage rates. These steps will help families refinance their homes and save hundreds of dollars a month.

And in Denver, the president announced new measures to help students save money and better manage their loans when they graduate.

That he did, Obama made it clear that he wants the banks to start lending to people who would other-wise would not qualify for a loan (also known as the Barney Frank method of lending), and he wants the middle class to pay for the college loans of other people (I am much too busy trying to put my own kids through college). Funny thing is, when I graduated college and business school my loans were a large burden especially on my entry-level $9,000 a year salary.  When the loans were finally paid off six-years later (by then my salary had more than doubled to $20K) it was not only a budgetary relief, but just as important it was a real sense of accomplishment which I am still proud of today. Maybe I am sounding  a bit like my Dad, but If I can repay my student loans making what was at that time between 21% and 48% of the median income in the country, why can’t students do it today (other than the fact they progressives feel that kids are entitled).

Ms Schultz goes on to pick up Obama’s divisive class-warfare oratory:

While the Republicans may be getting more attention in the early states right now, there’s no denying that voters will face a very stark choice next year. Obama continues working to find sensible solutions to get more Americans back to work and to rebuild the economy through a strong middle class. Meanwhile, Republicans continue advocating tax breaks for the wealthiest and corporations while shifting more burdens onto seniors and the middle class.

Uh-Oh, not only is Debbie Wasserman Schultz a bit slow on the uptake, she also has a memory problem.  For the first two years of the Obama presidency, there were large Democratic Party majorities in both houses of Congress. With the possible exception of Cap and Trade, the progressives were able to shove down the throats of America every big-spending progressive program they attempted.

The previous two stimulus plans passed by the progressive congress didn’t work so well. Unemployment went up and at best, the economy stagnated and all the time they blamed the GOP for the failure of the Democratic Party programs.

Perhaps that is Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s biggest problem.  Just because she is cerebrally-challenged, she believes that the rest of the country has the same single-digit I.Q. she displays, that they will continue to buy the nonsense she is distributing.

It all can’t be blamed on Schultz however, she is just spewing out what she is told. Sadly the Florida-Congresswoman was chosen for her position as DNC chair for one reason. It is totally impossible for her to form an independent thought. Maybe that’s the next thing she should work on, now that she has proven the ability to string a few sentences together.

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