Maybe there is a reason that Hamas chose Mickey Mouse to teach hatred to its children. Disney-owned ABC news has always been the most anti-Israel of the three broadcast networks. The late Anchorman Peter Jennings, was one of the most viciously anti-Israel people in TV news, Maybe because former PLO Spokeswoman Hanan Ashrawi was Jennings’s girlfriend when he was based in Lebanon. Disney/ABC’s Dan Harris has decided to pick up where Jennings left off with this report courtesy of the CAMERA Blog Snapshot:

ABC Takes ‘Blame Israel’ Global

Dan Harris ABC.jpe ABC’s Dan Harris: Israeli-Palestinian conflict “fuelling terrorism all over the world” Who’s to blame for the taking of hostages in Iran, the bombing of barracks in Lebanon, the war in Iraq, the conflict in Afghanistan, and the rising mutual hostilities between Shiites and Sunnis? Why, Israel, obviously. At least that’s the conventional wisdom among some journalists. But ABC’s Dan Harris is not content to limiting Israel’s troublemaking just to the Middle East; he takes it worldwide, stating on ABC’s “World News Sunday” May 20:

And there are new developments tonight in another conflict that is fueling terrorism all over the world, the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

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Time Magazine’s Lisa Beyer faulted the “corrosive myth: that the fundamental problem in the Arab world is the plight of the Palestinians,” and CNN pulled and revised a viciously one-sided blame Israel segment in 2001. ABC, meanwhile, takes the “Big Lie” to ever higher heights.