The word spread very quickly on Tuesday. The Facebook page calling people throughout the Arab world to march to Israel on May 15  and begin a Third violent Intifada was removed (despite earlier claims made by the social network’s spokesman claiming the group’s administrators had a right to protest against Israel and call for a third Intifada).

When it was removed the page was incredibly popular, receiving almost 350,000 ‘likes’ and thousands of comments from like-minded Facebook fans.

On Wednesday morning, I received news that a replacement site was put up and it already has over 2200 “likes.” They got around the Facebook removal by putting periods between each word, so instead of ThirdPalestinianIntafada, its  Third.Palestinian.Intifada. That report was wrong. The “replacement site was not new, it was their waiting just in case. On this second site,  the first wall comment was made on March 16th, making it as old as the one removed on Tuesday.

As I looked through the wall post I found links to other a link to a third– Third Palestinian Intifada Facebook page which is rigged to show your name when you visit…how friendly. 

An approximate translation of that friendly little greeting under my name says (via Google Translate)


This page provides you with all of the information field and the movement of the Preparatory Committee of the Revolution of 5/15/2011 and all what is new … please all of the pressure to participate and I liked to spread the page and God bless you

 According to its wall this site’s first post was March 13 and it leads to a fourth Third Palestinian Intifada page.

These last two sites had 300 and 500 “likes” respectively.

Further research will undoubtedly turn up more sites promoting the violent protests scheduled for May 15th.  Each of these sites also promote violence toward Jews.   What it means for all of us is that we need to be vigilant. These groups with their nefarious designs have planned for their violence very well, taking down just one site does not end the threat.