The terrorist PR army is telling the world that recognition of Israel is implicit in the agreement that bound Fatah and Hamas into a this terrorist government. They point to the part of the agreement that says the new Hamas/Fatah marriage will respect agreements made by previous govts. Countries all across the world are using that clause to re-evaluate their stance on not funding the Palestinian terrorist entities.

Here is the the dirty little secret about those agreements that Hamas has promised to respect…they don’t exist. Oh they were made– and sort of agreed to, but they were never ratified by the Palestinians.

  • The Oslo “declaration of principles” denounced violence was signed by Yassir Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas on the White House lawn on September 13, 1993. Something that you will never see in the NY Times or the Guardian is the fact that it was never ratified by the PLO. It was brought to a vote by the PLO executive on October 6, 1993, conveniently there was no quorum and no ratification, and it was subsequently never ratified by the PLO

So while Hamas looks like it is moderating by saying that it will respect previous agreements, they don’t have to deviate from their true intention–the destruction of Israel. But that doesn’t really matter to a quartet anxious to find any way possible to get out of their previous commitments and return to funding terrorism against Jews.