My wife says that I am too much of a worrier. Usually my concern surrounds my kids, family, or a close friend. Very rarely have I worried about a public figure and certainly never worried about an entire website. During the past few days this worrying has caused a loss of sleep and it’s not even a “someone,” it’s a web site. Something horrible must have happened to Media Matters, the protectors of the Jewish people.You may remember in a recent story about Helen Thomas’ anti-Semitic comments, I concluded with challenge:

… allow me to send a shout-out to the hypocritical folks at Media Matters, you enjoy blasting conservative figures such as Glenn Beck with trumped up charges of Antisemitism, along with writing up one-sided editorials about people throwing around Nazi-related terms.  Since you folks have set yourselves up as the “protector of all Jews” will you now write something that criticizes real Antisemitism spewed out by the progressive Helen Thomas? ….So my progressive friends are you going to finally accept the fact that it is humanly possible for a progressive to be a hater? Maybe after you are done with Helen you can go two of the most Anti-Semitic sites on the internet, the progressive Daily Kos, and the progressive Huffington Post.

That’s if George Soros allows you to.

There is no doubt that Media Matters would read and respond to my challenge, after all they have read and criticized my posts before.   Based on their fake criticism of people like Glenn Beck, one would think they would just love to sink their teeth into a real case of Antisemitism, after all they are the protector of all things Jewish in America. Media Matters truly cares about Antisemitism, that’s why they spend all of that time protecting George Soros,  calling almost everyone who criticizes “the spooky dude,” a Jew hater.

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Despite their desire to protect all things Jewish (and my little challenge) Media Matters has been strangely silent. And the longer their silence, the more I am concerned for their well-being.

Saturday evening I posted the video of Ms Thomas’ disgusting speech, that would certainly rouse Media Matters from their slumber, but when they hadn’t criticized Thomas by Monday I was sure that the protector of all things Jewish had been a victim of foul play. Heck these are the guys who supported fake charges of Antisemitism against Rush Limbaugh.  The absence of any article criticizing the Progressive Thomas’ hatred was baffling.

I wracked my head trying to come up with a reason.  Maybe, I thought,  there was some sort of massive food poisoning incident at the Media Matters’ office, like in the movie AirplaneThat had to be it; the only reason Media Matters wouldn’t bash a media figure for an actual case of Antisemitism was some sort of mass illness. So Monday night I called all the hospitals near their office in Washington D.C, but thank goodness there was no one from Media Matters in those  Hospitals.

As of Wednesday, five days after the original Helen Thomas article ran with the challenge to Media Matters,  news began to leak out about WikiLeaks’ supporters attacking  and shutting down MasterCard (and other sites).

Holy Cow that had to be it! Media Matters did execute their Job as protectors of the Jews.  I’m sure they did. Heck,  these are the people who defended J Street against charges of being pro-Hamas (even though J Street is pro-Hamas ).  Of course, they went after Helen Thomas for an actual case of Jew-hatred, the same way they made up Antisemitism just so they could go after   Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh. They probably also bashed daily Kos and Huffington Post, maybe even Al Sharpton also.

It had to be WikiLeaks’ fault; they must have hacked into Media Matters server. Since Media Matters has the financial backing of rich progressives like George Soros, the group should able to afford super servers that could fend off most of the attack. Only part of their server was attacked, coincidentally it was the part of the server where they had written about Helen Thomas, daily Kos, and Huffington Post.

There, I feel so much better now!  Tonight I will get a full night of sleep.

It has to be Wikileaks fault. Media Matters is dedicated to defending the public from misinformation being distributed by media figures.  It’s an organization that was formed with the help of honorable people like John Podesta of Center for American Progress and George Soros these are major figures in the progressive movement, they elected a president of the United States for heaven’s sake!

Surely Media Matters took Helen Thomas to task for her Antisemitism; I bet they took daily Kos and Huffington Post to task also.  There are only two explanations for this group which set itself up to be the protector of the Jewish people either they were hacked by Wikileaks, or they are world-class hypocrites.  Any organization formed with the help of some of our President’s closest supporters such as John Podesta and George Soros could never be world-class hypocrites, could it?