On most issues I stand directly opposed to Hillary Clinton. But my Problem with the Junior Senator from New York goes way beyond her stand on the issues, even more than her husband, the former President, my suspicion that she would do just about anything to get elected.

For example she was the first person in any administration to call for a Palestinian state. There is also that famous incident when she gave Mrs. Arafat big hug after she accused Israel of poisoning Palestinian water. Once she decided run for Senate in a State with a large Jewish Population, she became a big friend of Israel.

Now it seems that more than just changing her positions she is suspected of committing some felonies during her first campaign for Senate. Read the report below and make sure to click on the link to see the video.

‘Smoking Gun’ Clinton Tape Released to Public
By Fred Lucas CNSNews.com Staff Writer
June 22, 2007

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(CNSNews.com) – The video described in a civil suit as “smoking gun” evidence that Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) committed felonies became available on the Internet Friday.

On the tape the former first lady and leading Democratic presidential contender is heard speaking in 2000 with Hollywood mogul Peter Paul, comic book icon Stan Lee, and director Aaron Tonkin about a massive fundraising event for her 2000 Senate race. Paul spent about $2 million of his own money to produce the event but later had a fallout with the Clintons.

If she helped to plan the event, it could legally constitute a direct hard money donation to Clinton’s Senate campaign, rather than to her joint fundraising committee called New York Senate 2000. If that is the case, the donation from Paul would be 10 times the legal limit of $2,000. Knowingly soliciting a contribution of $25,000 or more is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.

The conversation appears to show Clinton actively helping to plan the event. The suit alleges that she violated federal campaign finance laws by directly soliciting a contribution from Paul.

“And you know, Aaron, I’m so grateful because I know how hard you’ve worked on it because it’s your constant effort and outreach,” Clinton is heard to say over a speaker phone. “You know, I talked with [celebrity singer] Cher and she was just great. Said she was really so excited. And I hadn’t talked to her so you must have done a really good job selling it to her.”

At no point did Clinton suggest that the event and the Paul donation were not going directly to her campaign, even as the other three in the conversation referenced it repeatedly.

Tonkin later is heard to say, “We’ve got people like Cher and others that have really never done anything before that are like coming out in full force knowing this is for your Senate race, it’s unbelievable.”

“I’m just thrilled,” Clinton answers. “I’ll check in with you from time to time because I know that putting something like this together is challenging even when people are enthusiastic and looking forward to doing it. It’s still, there’s so much work that’s involved.”

In an exclusive story published in April, Cybercast News Service was first to report the existence of the tape.

The United States Justice Foundation, a conservative group, filed a brief Thursday with the California Court of Appeals, Second Appellate District, asking that the tape be admitted.

“The evidence is of that rare type that captures the very commission of a crime, namely, that of knowingly soliciting, coordinating and accepting federal campaign contributions far in excess of the legal limit of $2,000,” the motion filed with the court says.

Clinton and her supporters have maintained that she had no direct knowledge that the event violated campaign finance rules. In a written declaration for the California court filed on April 7, 2006, she said only that she didn’t remember discussions with Paul about the fundraiser.

“I have no recollection whatsoever of discussing any arrangement with him whereby he would support my campaign for the United States Senate in exchange for anything from me or then-President Clinton,” Clinton said in the declaration.

“I do not believe I would make such a statement because I believe I would remember such a discussion if it had occurred,” she added.

The Federal Elections Commission already ruled early last year that Clinton’s 2000 campaign committee had underreported cash it received at the fundraising event Paul sponsoreThe FEC slapped the campaign committee with a $35,000 fine.

The fallout from Paul’s Hollywood fundraising event also led to the federal indictment of David Rosen, Clinton’s campaign finance director, who was acquitted on charges of lying to the FEC.