American voters should never forget that when former CIA Director George H W Bush created the ENERGY STAR program during the 1992 Presidential election cycle, his Attorney General Bill Barr supplied the legal framework for that initiative.

The Biden regime recently disclosed that the Dept of Energy owns the ENERGY STAR brand, and that program was set up as a public/private partnership over thirty years ago. That fact should be remembered because Bush’s wingman was known as Coverup-General Barr” at the time. Bill Barr earned that title for his role in the cover-up of the Iran Contra scandal,

Conor Coughlin created the platform in 2015 for Independent News & Dialog To expose widespread government fraud surrounding the EPA’s scientific research Conor Coughlin created the platform in 2015 for Independent News & Dialog To expose widespread government fraud surrounding the EPA’s scientific research programs for government “certified’ electrical energy efficiency. for government “certified’ electrical energy efficiency. Recommending that President Bush pardon several high-ranking administration officials convicted in that international scandal.

After that dark episode, the Bush regime found a new calling. After developing a new theory about Global Warming, it was determined that resolving angry weather issues could be turned into a money-making opportunity with excellent science. So naturally, these new environmental zealots would turn to the experts at the Dept of Energy, that had the best science money could buy. The DOE is the federal agency that invented Orwellian double-speak to flip our existing laws upside down by accepting Junk Science as accurate and then having faceless bureaucrats craft significant energy policies in secret that were treasonous.

Thousands of honest scientists, engineers, tradesmen, and business owners were fired, abused, and threatened for questioning government science so stupid that anyone couldn’t see it. Soon the past folly of Bush’s peer-reviewed science will be placed on full display once again for all the world to observe.

As the global elites prepare for the U.N.’s next COP 28 gathering in Dubai this November, let’s not forget the source of their U.N. science. This year’s U.N. farce will be presided over by Sultan Al Jaber, the chief executive for the United Arab Emirates national oil company, Adnoc. The media will never disclose the science for that clown show can be traced directly back to the energy policies of George Bush and his Attorney General.

What will be different about this U.N. ceremony is that Big Oil is finally coming out of the closet as the moral authority behind the Green New Steal. The quality of Dept of Energy science hasn’t changed in the last three decades, but it is now under new management with a much more aggressive business style.

In 1993, when the Clinton regime imposed the ENERGY STAR mandate over America’s multi-trillion dollar procurement process, it created a massive Pay-To-Play scheme that required every sub-division of our government to purchase only EPA-approved products and services. In January of 2023, the EPA released a new Smart Grid meter product line with zero fanfare because it could be viewed as the ultimate Deep State spy tool. No major media outlet, consumer protection group, Constitutional scholar, or business organization reported on the For-Profit nature of that government product line. So there was no effort to verify the EPA’s bogus claim that “ENERGY STAR is providing simple, credible and unbiased information” that their customers rely on to make informed choices.

The Liars Club had to hide that thousands of industrial, commercial, utility, tribal, state, and local organizations are the customers of the ENERGY STAR® brand, a fact known only to political insiders. No more peer-reviewed science was involved in this new Dept of Energy product line than when Bill Barr first set up that public/private partnership. To be clear, we’re talking about electrical energy efficiency as a by-product of electricity, a tangible commodity. However, the government “certas as as as as as ified” electrical energy efficiency is not accurate. Verifying the disposition for hundreds of billions of dollars from imaginary energy savings is impossible.

If Americans had known that the ENERGY STAR program had been set up as a public/private partnership in 1992, they would have had every right to consider the legal issues associated with that money-making venture. Evidently, the Dept of Energy had been fabricating the electrical energy-saving claims for their premium-priced ENERGY STAR brand, and the DOJ & FBI have been protecting that racket for decades. The elites specifically instituted their Politics of Person Destruction doctrine to stifle all political opposition to Globalization and questions about their new theory on Global Warming. This allowed Partisan hacks to justify media censorship, illegal firings of workers, and issue threats of criminal prosecutions by U.S. Attorney Generals utilizing the RICO statutes designed to fight organized crime syndicates. Political opponents were targeted as criminals for disagreeing with the policies being implemented by bureaucrats that had absolutely no foundation in science, business, or law.

Many of those actions occurred during the 3-way Presidential election cycle in 1992, which pitted George Bush (R) against Bill Clinton (D) and Ross Perot, the independent candidate. Perot had no political party, yet captured 19% of the popular vote by speaking honestly to the American people about the corrupt Free Trade policies being pushed by globalists. Perot had predicted in 1992 precisely what the Durham Report needed to cover up. The Just-Us dept and their FBI henchmen have been protecting the financial interest of corporate Stakeholder partners for decades for what the elites call a Clean Energy Economy. These are often operated through Regional Economic Agendas that bureaucrats can use to freeze out the general public by utilizing DEI policies to illegally restrict access to public programs. Minor regional leaders could develop vague governance schemes for use in local Cluster Industry models based on the U.N.’s Agenda 21 business-driven agenda for wealth creation. This allows significant party leaders to claim they are working to create thousands of good, high-paying local jobs without informing their constituents that HB-1 visa holders and illegal aliens will be getting those jobs.

This essentially represents a classical restraint of trade issue, in which bureaucracies have engaged in a corrupt practice known as “Regulatory Capture” over electrical markets, with an imaginary electrical commodity invented by the Dept of Energy. When Energy Secretary Steven Chu released the EPA: Lead By Example guidelines in 2009, it directed bureaucrats to claim that ENERGY STAR products were officially saving 25% to 50% more electrical energy than similar products. That easily provable lie was used to create phony carbon-trading schemes and to enhance the reputations of EPA energy experts. Which were already prospering from another DOE program called Save Energy Now, a $100 billion boondoggle that funded 200 “industrial assessments” by university staff. That $100 billion was allegedly paid to university employees to perform “industrial assessments” at private-sector partners’ industrial facilities to make them more productive and profitable. There is no evidence that any energy-efficiency equipment was ever purchased or that any energy savings had occurred from that effort. That $100 billion was paid to hard-core Marxist radicals at top universities to express their opinions about how adopting ENERGY STAR practices might save energy.

We now have Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm caught in a secret plot to ban natural-gas stoves in America, denying that such a scheme was underway. This week it was exposed that Granholm and many other high-ranking DOE officials have been investing in industries they’re seeking to regulate out of business. All while hiding a back-room scheme from 2012 that sought to increase the export of Liquefied natural gas (LNG). That allowed DOE officials to profit from insider trading knowledge and the manipulation of multi-trillion dollar energy markets. Those federal bureaucrats knew that increasing U.S. LNG exports would benefit a few large natural gas producers while undermining America’s industrial output and causing U.S. workers’ wages to decline.

The wealthy aristocrats at the World Economic Forum had always planned on making money through the administrative state, not by peddling green products. It’s why federal and state lawyers could care less if DOE’s new Clean Energy Corp is marketing fraudulent products. Everyone is relaxed as long as all the green stays in their Woke enterprise. Cultural Marxists may pretend to be a new breed of savvy entrepreneurs, but do any of them really believe that Certified Climate Change Professionals® have access to cutting-edge science unknown to the rest of the world?

Ask them about this science, and it might result in a mental meltdown. Their entire reality is built around a fantasy. God only knows what type of Core Competencies these new climate change professionals possess, but finding employment at the DOE won’t be a problem. The DOE had to lower the bar for these new federal employees by having their DOE Application Portal instruct new job seekers to not provide a home address, criminal history, Social Security/Driver’s License numbers, or any of the standard information a regular business would require from an employee.

That employment double standard ensures that those new federal workers will have even less job security and civil rights protection than the American workers unjustly fired, demoted, or marginalized by out-of-touch bureaucrats operating the ENERGY STAR program for the administrative state. Independent voters should remember that those energy policies were crafted by the Cover-up General Barr, who claimed the 2020 Presidential election was the cleanest in history and was not rigged by his political associates, as reported by Time Magazine.