Yesterday Department of Homeland Security Secretary said that her department was working hard to protect American Citizens 24 hours/day, 7/days a week, 364 days a/year (yes she said 364). She did not, however, say whether they were protecting us in all 57 states.

The latest report of the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General reports that at least one area they are failing miserably (report embedded below). Millions of people going through the border checkpoints without the required documents. 

Since June 2009, all travelers entering the US are required to provide a passport or other secure ID before being allowed in the US.  The rule (the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative)  was originally recommended by the 9/11 Commission as another safeguard at protecting us from being blown up into little pieces and scattered throughout the neighborhood.

The report says that in the first eight months of the new rules the officials at the border crossings have been almost 96% compliant with the rule.  On first glance that may seem pretty good, but this isn’t a case of finding a bomb in a haystack (or someone’s underwear) this is simply not letting someone in the country without the proper papers.  That 4% non compliance represents 2,349,483 people, only one has to be a terrorist to result in a major loss of life, on an annual basis that’s 3.6 million people, almost half of those “travelers” entered the country through Texas.

The problem is not the individual  CBP officers (U.S. Customs and Border Protection). According to the report, a year and a half into the new rules, CBP management hasn’t finished the guidelines and procedures telling the agents what they need to do in which situations:

CBP has not finalized the procedures that its officers will use to process WHTI-noncompliant travelers under full enforcement. The Director, WHTI Program Management Office, said the agency has begun drafting the procedures for moving the program to full enforcement; however, other priorities have precluded CBP management from giving final approval to the draft policy and procedures.

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It seems as if every day or two the Senate is trying to pass a new version of the DREAM act amnesty bill. The voice of the American people keep telling our leaders, no amnesty until the borders are secured.  This latest report from the IG of the Department of Homeland Security, proves that the Obama administration is not serious about the people’s demand to secure our borders.